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Who is Abigail Booth? The Artsy Sibling of Actor Douglas Booth

Who is Abigail Booth? The Artsy Sibling of Actor Douglas Booth

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

You might want to look at Douglas Booth’s sister Abigail Booth if you’ve ever been interested in the artsy side of his family. Enjoy this short read about Abigail’s life and accomplishments. It will give you a look into the world of the bright sister of the famous English actor.

Douglas Booth's Sister Abigail Booth
Douglas Booth’s Sister Abigail Booth
Quick Facts about Abigail Booth
Full Name Abigail Booth
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Artist
Husband/Wife N/A
Education Chelsea School of Art
Age 25+ (as of 2023)
Parents Father: Simon Booth (Works in shipping finance)
Mother: Vivien Booth (Artist)
Siblings Brothers: Douglas Booth (Actor)
Dr. Derek Booth (Younger Brother)
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Ties:

At the heart of Abigail’s story is her connection to Douglas Booth, the actor we’ve seen on the big screen. The Booth family has a lot of different skills. Simon Booth works in shipping finance for Citigroup and Deutsche Bank, and Vivien Booth is an artist.

Douglas Booth's Mother Vivien Booth
Douglas Booth’s Mother Vivien Booth

Siblings Unveiled:

Abigail isn’t the only one sharing the Booth family spotlight. She has a younger brother, Dr. Derek Booth, adding another layer to the talented trio. While Douglas graces the screen, Abigail pursues her passion for art, and Dr. Derek ventures into the world of academia.

Artistry in the Genes:

Abigail’s journey takes a colorful turn in the artistic realm. Following in her mother’s creative footsteps, she became an artist herself. Graduating from the Chelsea School of Art, Abigail co-founded Forest + Found, an art studio where imagination knows no bounds.

Creative Ventures:

Abigail’s mark in the art world extends beyond traditional boundaries. In 2014, she teamed up with Max Bainbridge to make Forest + Found, an art group that combines nature and creation. Abigail was especially involved in making a canopy that was colored with madder root from her own plot in London. This showed how she cared about both art and the environment.

Public Presence:

Beyond the canvas, Abigail has been spotted alongside her brother at public events. In 2015, the brothers went to London to see the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition preview party. This showed that they both liked art.

Marital Status:

According to the most recent information, Abigail is not married like her popular brother. Douglas Booth is still single, but Abigail seems to be focusing on her art and making a name for herself in the creative world.

Douglas Booth Abigail Booth
Douglas Booth Abigail Booth

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FAQs About Abigail Booth

Who is Abigail Booth?

Abigail Booth is the sister of the well-known English actor, Douglas Booth. She is an artist and co-founder of the art studio Forest + Found.

What is Abigail Booth’s background?

Abigail Booth’s father is English, and her mother has Spanish and Dutch ancestry. She spent her early years in Greenwich and later moved to Sevenoaks, Kent. Abigail is a graduate of the Chelsea School of Art.

Does Abigail Booth have siblings?

Yes, Abigail Booth has two siblings. Douglas Booth, her younger brother, is a well-known actor, and she also has a younger brother, Dr. Derek Booth.

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