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Vivien Booth – Douglas Booth’s Mother | Know About Her

Vivien Booth – Douglas Booth’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 15, 2024

Meet Vivien Booth, the mother of the talented English actor, Douglas Booth. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Vivien’s background, family connections, and her role in shaping the life of the renowned actor.

Douglas Booth's Mother Vivien Booth
Douglas Booth’s Mother Vivien Booth
Quick Facts about Vivien Booth
Full Name Vivien Booth
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Artist
Husband/Wife Married to Simon Booth
Education N/A
Age 70+ (as of 2023)
Children Son: Douglas Booth
Son: Dr. Derek Booth
Daughter: Abigail Booth
Net Worth <$1 Million

Artistic Roots

Vivien Booth isn’t just a mom; she’s also an artist. Painting is her forte, and her creative spirit adds a unique touch to the Booth family.

Family Ties: The Booths

Vivien is married to Simon Booth, a man deeply rooted in the world of shipping finance. Together, they’ve built a family that includes not only Douglas but also his younger brother, Dr. Derek Booth, and his sister, Abigail Booth.

Douglas Booth Abigail Booth
Douglas Booth Abigail Booth

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A Close-knit Bond

Public appearances often showcase the close bond between Douglas and his mother, Vivien. The two like to spend time together, whether they’re at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition or another event.

Ancestral Roots: Dutch and Spanish Heritage

Vivien Booth brings a diverse heritage to the family table. With Dutch and Spanish roots, her cultural background adds a rich tapestry to the Booth family story.

The Booth Siblings

In addition to Douglas, Vivien and Simon have two more children. Dr. Derek Booth, the younger brother, adds his unique presence to the family, along with Abigail Booth, Douglas’s sister.

Marital Status and Offspring

While Douglas Booth has made a mark in the world of acting, his personal life is notably private. As of now, Douglas is not married, and he doesn’t have any children.

Vivien Booth: The Artist and Mother

Vivien Booth is more than just a caring mother. She is also a talented artist who has added a creative touch to the Booth family story. Her love for the arts and her family is clear from the things they do together and the public visits she makes.

FAQs About Vivien Booth

Who is Vivien Booth?

Vivien Booth is the mother of the English actor Douglas Booth. She is also an artist, contributing to the family’s creative background.

What is Vivien Booth’s Profession?

Vivien Booth is an artist. Her artistic endeavors add a unique dimension to the Booth family.

Who is Vivien Booth married to?

Vivien Booth is married to Simon Booth. Simon works in shipping finance for Citigroup and Deutsche Bank’s shipping finance divisions.

How many children does Vivien Booth have?

Vivien Booth has three children. Douglas Booth is the eldest, followed by his younger brother, Dr. Derek Booth, and sister, Abigail Booth.

What is Vivien Booth’s cultural background?

Vivien Booth has Dutch and Spanish ancestry, contributing to the diverse cultural heritage of the Booth family.

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