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Douglas Booth’s Father: Meet Simon Booth, the Man Behind the Actor

Douglas Booth’s Father: Meet Simon Booth, the Man Behind the Actor

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

Meet the man behind the scenes, Simon Booth, the father of the talented actor Douglas Booth. In this article, we’ll take a peek into Simon Booth’s life and learn a bit more about the person who played a significant role in shaping the actor we all know and love.

Quick Facts about Simon Booth
Full Name Simon Booth
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Banking and Shipping Finance Consultant
Husband/Wife Married to Vivien Booth (Artist)
Education N/A
Age 70+ (as of 2023)
Children Son: Douglas Booth (Actor)
Daughter: Abigail Booth
Son: Dr. Derek Booth
Net Worth <$1 Million

A Career in Finance:

Simon Booth isn’t just a regular dad; he’s had a fascinating career. Working in shipping finance for both Citigroup and Deutsche Bank, he’s been part of the big leagues. Managing director roles in these esteemed institutions show his prowess in the financial world.

A Greenwich Origin:

Simon Booth hails from Greenwich, London, a place with a rich history and a dash of charm. It’s no wonder Douglas inherited a bit of that English charisma.

The Family Man:

Family comes first for Simon Booth. Married to Vivien Booth, an artist with Spanish and Dutch roots, their home is a blend of cultures and creativity. Together, they’ve parented not only Douglas but also a daughter, Abigail, and a younger son, Dr. Derek Booth.

Douglas Booth with his mother Vivien Booth
Douglas with his mother Vivien

The Love Story:

Simon Booth’s love story with Vivien is heartwarming. The banking and shipping finance consultant found his partner in Vivien, the talented artist. They’ve created a warm and nurturing environment for their children to blossom.

Douglas’s Siblings:

Abigail Booth, the older sister of Douglas, adds another layer to the family dynamic. Dr. Derek Booth, the younger brother, completes this trio of siblings. A supportive family provides the backdrop for Douglas Booth’s journey in the world of acting.

Douglas Booth Abigail Booth
Douglas Booth Abigail Booth

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Douglas’s Education:

Lingfield Notre Dame School and Bennett Memorial Diocesan School were important stops on Douglas Booth’s path to becoming a teacher. These early years set him up for future success in the show business.

A Close-knit Unit:

Simon Booth is not just a father; he’s an integral part of a close-knit family. In interviews with Douglas, his friendship with the actor is clear, showing a caring and supportive link.

The Creative Household:

Imagine a household where finance meets art. That’s precisely what Simon Booth and Vivien Booth have created. Their different working lives work well together, giving their kids a unique place to try out their skills.

FAQs About Simon Booth

Who is Simon Booth?

Simon Booth is the father of the well-known actor Douglas Booth. He has a background in banking and shipping finance, having held managing director roles at CitiGroup and Deutsche Bank.

Where is Simon Booth from?

Simon Booth is from Greenwich, London, England.

What is Simon Booth’s profession?

Simon Booth is a banking and shipping finance consultant, showcasing his expertise in the financial industry.

Can you tell more about Simon Booth’s family?

Simon Booth is married to Vivien Booth, an artist of Spanish and Dutch ancestry. Together, they have three children – Douglas Booth, the well-known actor, Abigail Booth, and Dr. Derek Booth.

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