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Anya Robbie – Margot Robbie’s Sister | Know About Her

Anya Robbie – Margot Robbie’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 28, 2024

Anya Robbie is the big sister of the famous Australian actress and producer, Margot Robbie. Even though Margot is a well-known star, Anya chose a different path for herself and became a senior accountant. In this article, we will learn about Anya Robbie – her background, career, and the special connection she shares with her sister, Margot.

Anya Robbie
Anya Robbie
Quick Facts About Anya Robbie
Full Name Anya Robbie
Birthdate 1989
Age 34
Occupation Senior Accountant
Education Bachelor’s degree in accountancy
Workplace Accounts Pty Ltd
Relationship Status Private (Presumed Single)
Husband/Wife N/A
Parents Doug Robbie (Father), Sarie Kessler (Mother)
Siblings Margot Robbie (Sister), Lachlan Robbie (Brother), Cameron Robbie (Brother)
Children N/A
Notable Feature Sister of Acclaimed Actress Margot Robbie
Special Gift from Margot World-famous Ghan Railway Trip for her 30th Birthday
Approach to Fame Prefers Private Life
Social Media Presence Limited (Assumed Private)

Early Life and Background

Anya Robbie was born in 1989 in a beautiful town called Dalby, in Queensland, Australia. She grew up with her siblings: Margot, an older brother named Lachlan, and a younger brother named Cameron. The Robbie kids had a fun childhood on their family farm on the Gold Coast. They did exciting things like hunting, surfing, and learning about animals and farming.

School and Job

Unlike her sister’s acting career, Anya decided to study accountancy at Bond University. She worked hard in school and became a senior accountant at a company called Accounts Pty Ltd. Anya’s skill and dedication in her job have made her successful and respected.

Keeping Things Private

Anya doesn’t like being famous like her sister. She prefers to keep her life private and away from the public eye. This way, she can focus on her career without all the attention that comes with being a celebrity.

Close Bond with Margot

Even though Anya and Margot have different careers, they share a strong sisterly bond. They grew up together on the family farm, and that special connection has stayed with them. In 2019, Margot surprised Anya with a dream trip for her 30th birthday. She sent Anya on a fantastic journey on the world-famous Ghan railway. It showed how much they care for each other.

The Talented Robbie Siblings

Anya is not the only talented one in the Robbie family. Her brother Cameron is an actor, and he has been in some movies and TV shows. Their other brother, Lachlan, works as a stuntman in big films like “Aquaman” and “Birds of Prey.” The Robbie siblings support and cheer for each other’s accomplishments, just like any close-knit family.

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FAQs About Anya Robbie

Who is Anya Robbie?

Anya Robbie is the elder sister of the famous Australian actress and producer, Margot Robbie. She was born in 1989 in Dalby, Queensland, Australia, and has chosen a career path as a senior accountant.

What is Anya Robbie known for?

Anya Robbie is famously known as the sister of Margot Robbie, but she has made a name for herself as a successful senior accountant.

What is Anya Robbie’s educational background?

Anya Robbie has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Bond University.

Where does Anya Robbie work?

Anya Robbie works as a senior accountant at Accounts Pty Ltd.

Is Anya Robbie in the entertainment industry like her sister Margot?

No, Anya Robbie has chosen a different career path and is not involved in the entertainment industry like her sister Margot.

How does Anya maintain her privacy despite being Margot Robbie’s sister?

Anya Robbie prefers to lead a private life and avoids the spotlight. She rarely shares details about her personal life with the public, allowing her to focus on her career.

How is Anya Robbie’s relationship with her sister Margot?

Anya and Margot have a close and loving bond as sisters. They grew up together on the family farm and share a special connection.

Has Anya Robbie received any recognition for her work as a senior accountant?

Although Anya Robbie has excelled in her accounting career, she has not received the same level of recognition as her sister Margot, who has won numerous awards and nominations for her acting and producing work.

Does Anya Robbie have any other siblings?

Yes, Anya Robbie has two other siblings: a brother named Lachlan Robbie, who works as a stuntman, and another brother named Cameron Robbie, who is an actor.

What is the special gift Margot gave Anya for her 30th birthday?

For Anya’s 30th birthday, Margot Robbie fulfilled her promise to take her on a dream trip anywhere in the world. Margot sent Anya on the world-famous Ghan railway, showing their strong sisterly relationship.

How can fans keep up with Anya Robbie’s updates?

Since Anya prefers to keep her life private, there might be limited public updates about her. Fans can follow her sister Margot Robbie on social media, where she occasionally shares moments with her family.

How does Anya Robbie handle the attention and fame that comes with being Margot Robbie’s sister?

Anya handles the attention by keeping a low profile and focusing on her professional life. She values her privacy and chooses to stay away from the spotlight.

Final Thoughts

Anya Robbie, the elder sister of Margot Robbie, might not be a famous actress, but she is a successful senior accountant. Her decision to lead a private life shows her dedication to her career. The love and support she shares with her sister, Margot, are heartwarming. While Margot shines in the spotlight, Anya thrives in her own way, making the Robbie family a bunch of talented individuals. We should appreciate Anya Robbie for her achievements and the strong bond she has with her famous sister, Margot Robbie.


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