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Sarie Kessler – Margot Robbie’s Mother | Know About Her

Sarie Kessler – Margot Robbie’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Sarie Kessler is a famous mom who is very close to her daughter, Margot Robbie. Margot is a well-known actress from Australia. Let’s learn more about Sarie Kessler, her job, family, and how she has supported Margot in becoming a star.

Margot Robbie Mother Sarie Robbie
Margot Robbie Mother Sarie Robbie
Quick Facts Details
Full Name Sarie Kessler
Birthdate June 22, 1957
Occupation Physiotherapist
Husband/Wife Doug Robbie
Education Not Known
Age (as of 2023) 65 years old
Parents Herb Kessler and Verna Kessler
Siblings Anya (older sister), Lachlan (older brother), Cameron (younger brother)
Children Margot Robbie (actress), Anya, Lachlan, Cameron
Supportive Role Instrumental in Margot’s Hollywood success
Private Nature Prefers to stay out of the spotlight

Helping People as a Physiotherapist

Sarie Kessler’s job is to be a physiotherapist. She helps people with physical therapy, which means she assists them in feeling better when they are hurt or need help moving their bodies. Sarie used to focus on helping older people, but as Margot got famous, she changed her focus to helping kids with disabilities.

Being a Strong Single Mom

Sarie faced some tough times when Margot was just five years old. Her husband and Margot’s dad, Doug Robbie, and Sarie separated. So, Sarie had to raise Margot and her three siblings all by herself. She did this on their family farm on the Gold Coast. Sarie’s strength and love for her children made them a close-knit family.

Doug Robbie
Doug Robbie

A Fun and Adventurous Family

Margot has three siblings: an older sister named Anya, an older brother named Lachlan, and a younger brother named Cameron. They all grew up on their family farm and had lots of fun. They enjoyed hunting, surfing, and learning about farming and taking care of animals.

Supporting Margot’s Dreams

As Margot’s acting career began to take off, Sarie was there to support her. Even though she was a single mom, she stood by Margot’s dreams of becoming an actress. Sarie’s love and encouragement helped Margot reach new heights in Hollywood. They have a special bond, and Margot even took her mom as her date to the Academy Awards.

A Grateful Daughter

Margot is very grateful for her mom’s love and support. In an interview, she said she kept track of everything she owed her mom. When Margot started making money from acting, she paid her mom back for all her support. This shows how much she loves and appreciates her mom.

Margot Robbie with mother Sarie Robbie
Margot Robbie with mother Sarie Robbie

Keeping It Private

Even though Margot is a big star, her mom, Sarie, likes to keep her life private. She doesn’t often appear in public events with Margot. Sarie supports her daughter from the background and doesn’t seek attention for herself.

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FAQs about Sarie Kessler

Who is Sarie Kessler?

Sarie Kessler is the mother of Australian actress Margot Robbie. She is known for her supportive role in Margot’s life and career.

What is Sarie Kessler’s profession?

Sarie Kessler is a physiotherapist. She helps people with physical therapy, focusing on assisting disabled children.

When was Sarie Kessler born?

Sarie Kessler was born on June 22, 1957, making her 65 years old as of June 2023.

What is Sarie Kessler’s family background?

Sarie Kessler is of Scottish descent. Her parents are Herb Kessler and Verna Kessler.

How many children does Sarie Kessler have?

Sarie Kessler has four children, including Margot Robbie. Her other children are an older sister named Anya, an older brother named Lachlan, and a younger brother named Cameron.

How did Sarie Kessler raise her children?

Sarie Kessler raised her four children as a single mother after separating from her husband when Margot was five years old.

Did Sarie Kessler support Margot’s acting career?

Yes, Sarie Kessler has been very supportive of Margot’s acting career from the beginning. She stood by her daughter’s dreams and encouraged her pursuits in Hollywood.

How does Margot Robbie show her gratitude to her mother?

Margot Robbie showed her love and appreciation for her mom by keeping a record of everything she owed her. She used her early acting paychecks to pay her mother back for all the support.

Does Sarie Kessler prefer to stay out of the spotlight?

Yes, despite Margot Robbie’s fame, Sarie Kessler prefers to maintain a relatively private life. She rarely appears at public events with her daughter.

What is the relationship between Sarie Kessler and Margot Robbie?

Sarie Kessler and Margot Robbie have a strong and loving relationship. They have been seen together at events, and Margot values her mother’s support and guidance in her life and career.

Does Sarie Kessler have other notable family members?

Sarie Kessler’s family includes her daughter Margot Robbie, who is a well-known actress in Hollywood, and her sons, one of whom, Cameron Robbie, is also an actor.

Does Sarie Kessler have any social media presence?

As of the current information available, there is no mention of Sarie Kessler having a public social media presence.

What other notable achievements or contributions does Sarie Kessler have?

Sarie Kessler’s notable achievements primarily revolve around her dedication to her profession as a physiotherapist and her role as a supportive mother to Margot Robbie.

Final Thoughts

Sarie Kessler is an amazing mom who has been there for her daughter, Margot Robbie, every step of the way. As a physiotherapist, she helps people feel better, and as a single mom, she has raised Margot and her siblings with love and care. Their bond is strong, and Margot is very thankful for everything her mom has done. Sarie prefers to stay out of the spotlight, showing her genuine love and support for her daughter’s success. Together, they make a wonderful team, and Margot continues to shine in Hollywood with her mom’s loving guidance.


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