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Lachlan Robbie – Margot Robbie’s Brother | Know About Him

Lachlan Robbie – Margot Robbie’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 8, 2024

Margot Robbie, the famous actress we all love, has a wonderful family behind her, including her big brother, Lachlan Robbie, also known as Lockie. Let’s learn more about Lachlan and what makes him special as Margot’s brother.

Lachlan Robbie
Lachlan Robbie
Quick Facts About Lachlan Robbie
Full Name Lachlan Douglas Robbie
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Stuntman
Husband/Wife N/A
Education N/A
Age N/A
Parents Sarie Kessler (Mother), Doug Robbie (Father)
Siblings Margot Robbie, Anya Robbie, Cameron Robbie
Children N/A
Birthplace Gold Coast, Australia
Movies Worked On Aquaman, Birds of Prey
Relationship Status In a serious relationship
Partner’s Name Amy Price
Current Residence Los Angeles, California
Approach to Personal Life Private and Low-key

Lachlan’s Early Life

Lachlan Robbie was born in Australia on. He is older than Margot and has two more siblings named Anya and Cameron. They grew up on a farm in a place called Gold Coast. Lachlan and Margot had a lot of fun together as kids, doing exciting things like hunting and surfing.

Lachlan’s Exciting Job

While Margot became an actress, Lachlan chose a different job. He is a stunt performer in movies and TV shows. That means he does exciting and dangerous tricks on the screen. He has worked on big movies like “Aquaman” and “Birds of Prey.” His job is really cool, and he is good at it!

Love in Lachlan’s Life

Lachlan has a special person in his life named Amy Price. She is a reporter who talks about entertainment stuff. They are in a serious relationship, and they really love each other. Lachlan is happy to share his love with the world.

Supportive Siblings

Margot and Lachlan are very close to each other. Margot always cheers for her brother and is proud of his work. Lachlan, too, says nice things about Margot and loves working with her in movies. They are a great team!

Margot Robbie with brother Lachlan Robbie
Margot Robbie with brother Lachlan Robbie

Lachlan’s Private Side

Lachlan is a private person. He doesn’t like to be in the spotlight too much. He wants to focus on his job and enjoy his life with Amy. Even though he is famous, he likes to keep things simple and not talk too much about his personal life.

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FAQs About Lachlan Robbie

Who is Lachlan Robbie?

Lachlan Robbie, also known as Lockie, is the elder brother of the famous actress Margot Robbie. He is a talented stunt performer in the film and TV industry.

What is Lachlan’s profession?

Lachlan Robbie works as a stuntman. He performs exciting and daring stunts in movies and TV shows.

Where is Lachlan Robbie from?

Lachlan is originally from the Gold Coast, Australia.

What movies has Lachlan worked on as a stunt performer?

Lachlan has worked on movies like “Aquaman” and “Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” as a stunt performer.

How does Lachlan feel about his sister, Margot Robbie?

Lachlan is very supportive of his sister, Margot. He has paid tribute to her and expressed his excitement about working alongside her on film sets.

Is Lachlan Robbie married?

Yes, Lachlan is in a serious relationship with Amy Price, an entertainment reporter based in Brisbane, Australia.

Does Lachlan Robbie have any children?

As of now, there is no information about Lachlan having any children.

What is Lachlan Robbie’s approach to his personal life?

Lachlan prefers to keep his personal life relatively private. He focuses on his career as a stunt performer and doesn’t like to be in the constant limelight.

How does Lachlan Robbie describe his childhood with Margot and their siblings?

Lachlan, Margot, and their siblings had an adventurous and rural childhood on their family farm on the Gold Coast. They enjoyed activities like boar-hunting, surfing, and learning about agriculture and animal husbandry.

What other achievements does Lachlan have in the film industry?

Apart from his work as a stuntman, there are no specific mentions of other achievements in the film industry for Lachlan.

Does Lachlan Robbie have social media accounts?

As of the provided information, there are no mentions of Lachlan Robbie’s official social media accounts.

Final Thoughts

Lachlan Robbie, also known as Lockie, is Margot Robbie’s awesome big brother. He does exciting stunts in movies and has a loving relationship with Amy. He and Margot are really close and support each other. Lachlan is a humble and private person who enjoys his success while staying true to himself. He is a great brother and a talented stunt performer, and we can’t wait to see more of his amazing work in the movies!


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