Home Celebrity Family Members Meet Ben Bluemel : Discover Edward Bluemel’s Brother’s Story

Meet Ben Bluemel : Discover Edward Bluemel’s Brother’s Story

Meet Ben Bluemel : Discover Edward Bluemel’s Brother’s Story

Last updated on: June 29, 2024

Edward Bluemel, a well-known actor from TV shows like “Sex Education” and “Killing Eve,” has an older brother named Ben Bluemel.

Edward Bluemel brother Ben Bluemel
brother Ben Bluemel
Quick Facts about Ben Bluemel Details
Full Name Ben Bluemel
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Pastor
Husband/Wife Married to Kelsey
Education N/A
Age 35 (as of 2024)
Parents Jane Bluemel (mother), Martin Bluemel (father)
Siblings Edward (younger brother), Phyllida (sister)
Children N/A
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Family

Ben Bluemel was born and raised in Somerset, England. His parents, Jane and Martin Bluemel, worked as science teachers. Ben grew up alongside his siblings, Edward and Phyllida. Edward, the middle child, pursued acting, while Phyllida focused on art and teaching.

Edward Bluemel with his brother Ben Bluemel
Edward with his brother Ben

Career Path

Unlike his brother Edward, who found fame in acting, Ben chose a different path. He became a pastor, dedicating his life to spiritual guidance and community service. Ben’s work as a pastor led him to live in St. Helier, Jersey, where he serves his congregation alongside his wife, Kelsey.

Ben Blumel with wife
Ben Blumel with wife

Personal Life

Ben Bluemel married Kelsey, and they have made their home in St. Helier, Jersey. Their commitment to their faith and community is evident in their daily lives. Ben’s role as a pastor involves leading prayers, counseling, and supporting his congregation through life’s challenges.

Ben Bluemel wife Kelsey Bluemel
Ben Bluemel wife Kelsey Bluemel

Hobbies and Interests

Ben likes to spend time with his family and take in Jersey’s natural beauty when he’s not working as a pastoralist. He finds inspiration and peace in nature, and the tranquility it offers is consistent with his spiritual views.

Family Connections

Despite their disparate occupations and locales, the Bluemel family is nevertheless close-knit. Ben and Edward’s sister, Phyllida Bluemel, resides in Cornwall and follows her passions for teaching, writing, and art. Jane and Martin, their parents, still encourage their kids’ many interests.

Edward Bluemel with his father and mother
Edward with his father and mother

Community Impact

Ben Bluemel is an important member of his community as a preacher. He provides advice, encouragement, and a sympathetic ear to those in need. His devotion to improving the lives of others is demonstrated by his community involvement and commitment to his faith.

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FAQs About Ben Bluemel

Where was Ben Bluemel born and raised?

Ben Bluemel was born and raised in Somerset, England, alongside his siblings Edward and Phyllida. Their parents, Jane and Martin Bluemel, were science teachers.

Is Ben Bluemel married?

Yes, Ben Bluemel is married to Kelsey.


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