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Meet Jane Bluemel : Discover Edward Bluemel’s Supportive Mother

Meet Jane Bluemel : Discover Edward Bluemel’s Supportive Mother

Last updated on: June 29, 2024

Edward Bluemel’s father, Jane Bluemel, is very important in his life.

Edward Bluemel mother Jane Bluemel
mother Jane Bluemel
Quick Facts about Jane Bluemel Details
Full Name Jane Bluemel
Birthdate 1963
Occupation Science Teacher
Husband Martin Bluemel, also a science teacher
Education N/A
Age 61 years and 7 months old
Parents Both were science educators
Children Son: Edward Bluemel (actor), Ben Bluemel (science educator)
Daughter: Phyllida Bluemel (artist, writer, designer, lecturer)
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Background

English Somerset is where Jane Bluemel was born and reared. Her love in science since childhood inspired her to become a science teacher. Edward was affected by Jane’s curiosity and love of learning from an early age.

Edward Bluemel with mother Jane Bluemel
Edward Bluemel with mother Jane Bluemel

Family Life

Jane Bluemel married Martin Bluemel, another dedicated science teacher. Together, they raised three children: Edward, Ben, and Phyllida. Their family is close-knit, sharing a bond strengthened by their common interests in education and creativity.

Edward Bluemel with his father and mother
Edward with his father and mother

Edward Bluemel – A Proud Son

Somerset-born and bred, Edward Bluemel holds his mother in high regard. Her commitment to helping her kids develop their gifts has been a driving factor in his life. Edward frequently attributes his acting career to his mother’s encouragement and support during his formative years.

Her Role as a Teacher

As a science teacher, Jane Bluemel is passionate about inspiring young minds. She believes in the power of education to shape the future and instill a love for knowledge in her students. Her commitment to teaching goes beyond the classroom, as she actively engages in community projects that promote science education.

Edward Bluemel sister Phyllida Bluemel
sister Phyllida Bluemel

Children Bonds

Ben Bluemel, Edward’s elder brother, has followed in their parents’ footsteps as a science educator. He and his wife, Kelsey, live in St. Helier, Jersey, where they continue to uphold the family’s passion for teaching. Phyllida Bluemel, Edward’s sister, is an accomplished artist, writer, designer, and lecturer based in Cornwall. Her creative pursuits are supported by the artistic environment nurtured by her parents.

Edward Bluemel with his brother Ben Bluemel
Edward with his brother Ben

Personal Interests

Jane Bluemel likes to spend her free time hiking and gardening with her family. She often combines her love of science into these recreational pursuits and finds comfort in the natural beauty of the outdoors. Her infectious joy for life inspires all around her to recognize the beauty of the natural world.

Supporting Edward’s Career

Throughout Edward Bluemel’s journey as an actor, Jane Bluemel has been his steadfast supporter. She attends his performances whenever possible and celebrates his achievements with pride.

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FAQs About Jane Bluemel

Where is Jane Bluemel from?

Jane Bluemel was born and raised in Somerset, England.

What does Jane Bluemel do?

Jane Bluemel works as a science teacher.

Who is Jane Bluemel married to?

Jane Bluemel is married to Martin Bluemel.

How many children does Jane Bluemel have?

Jane Bluemel has three children: Edward Bluemel, Ben Bluemel, and Phyllida Bluemel.

What are Jane Bluemel’s children doing?

Edward Bluemel is an actor, Ben Bluemel is a science educator, and Phyllida Bluemel is an artist, writer, designer, and lecturer.


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