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Discover Martin Bluemel : Insight into Edward Bluemel’s Father

Discover Martin Bluemel : Insight into Edward Bluemel’s Father

Last updated on: June 29, 2024

Edward Bluemel, an English actor, owes much of his upbringing and morals to his father, Martin Bluemel. As a committed educator, Martin gave his kids a passion for education and encouraged creativity.

Edward Bluemel father Martin Bluemel
father Martin Bluemel
Quick Facts about Martin Bluemel Details
Full Name Martin Bluemel
Birthdate 1960
Occupation Chemistry Teacher at Taunton School, Somerset, England
Husband/Wife Married to Jane Bluemel, who taught Physics
Education N/A
Age 64 years and 7 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Son: Edward Bluemel (actor), Ben Bluemel (resides in St. Helier, Jersey)
Daughter: Phyllida Bluemel (artist and lecturer in Cornwall)
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Career

Martin Bluemel decided to become a teacher with a focus on chemistry. He spent many years sharing his love of science with the children at Taunton School in Somerset, England, where he was a teacher.

Family Life

Born into a family of educators, Martin Bluemel and his wife Jane, who taught Physics, provided a nurturing environment for Edward and his siblings.

Edward Bluemel with his father and mother
Edward with his father and mother

Role as a Father

As a father, Martin Bluemel supported Edward Bluemel and his siblings, Ben and Phyllida, in their pursuits. He encouraged their interests in arts, sciences, and literature, fostering a well-rounded approach to education.

Edward Bluemel with his brother Ben Bluemel
Edward with his brother Ben

Impact on Edward Bluemel

Edward Bluemel credits his father for sparking his initial interest in acting. Growing up in a household where creativity and intellectual curiosity were valued, Edward’s journey into the performing arts began with school plays and later evolved into a professional career.

Edward Bluemel sister Phyllida Bluemel
Daughter Phyllida Bluemel

Personal Life

Martin Bluemel is still content with his retirement at his Somerset home. Edward Bluemel, who is still appreciative of his father’s lifetime guidance and support, has been deeply impacted by his father’s commitment to education and family.

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FAQs About Martin Bluemel

Who is Martin Bluemel?

Martin Bluemel is the father of English actor Edward Bluemel.

What did Martin Bluemel do for a living?

Martin Bluemel was a dedicated educator who taught Chemistry at Taunton School.

Where does Martin Bluemel live now?

Martin Bluemel currently resides in Somerset, England.

Does Martin Bluemel have other children besides Edward Bluemel?

Yes, Martin Bluemel has two other children: an elder son named Ben, who lives in St. Helier, Jersey with his wife Kelsey, and a daughter named Phyllida, who is an artist, writer, designer, and lecturer based in Cornwall.


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