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Bojana Jankovic – Michael Weatherly’s Wife | Know About Her

Bojana Jankovic – Michael Weatherly’s Wife | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 4, 2024

Meet Bojana Jankovic, the wonderful wife of the famous actor Michael Weatherly! They’ve been married for a long time, and they have a happy family together. But Bojana is more than just a wife; she’s also a super smart and amazing doctor. Let’s find out more about her exciting life!

Bojana Jankovic
Bojana Jankovic
Quick Facts about Bojana Jankovic
Full Name Bojana Jankovic
Birthdate Not Known
Occupation Award-winning Doctor
Specialization Internal & Integrative Medicine
Marital Status Married to Michael Weatherly
Marriage Year 2009
Children August Manning Weatherly, Liam Weatherly, Olivia Weatherly
Age Not Known
Education Medical Degree
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Public Presence Private, low-profile
Social Media No known accounts

Early Life and School Days

Bojana Jankovic’s story started when she was just a kid, but not much is known about her early life. She keeps her personal life private, and that’s totally okay! Bojana went to school and worked really hard to become a doctor. She got her medical degree from a really good school, which was the first step toward her big success.

A Star in the Medical World

Being a doctor is not easy, but Bojana didn’t give up. She became double board-certified in two special areas of medicine: internal and integrative medicine. Wow, that’s impressive! Bojana cares a lot about her patients, and she wants them to feel better and happier. That’s why she got lots of awards for making her patients happy.

Awards and Recognition

Bojana Jankovic is like a superstar in the medical field. People noticed her hard work, and she received special awards for her excellent job. In 2016 and 2017, she won the Southern California Top Doctors’ Rising Star award. That means she was a rising talent, someone with a bright future! Then, in 2018, she got the Top Doctor recognition, which is a really big deal. Her dedication to helping people is truly inspiring.

Love at First Sight

Sometimes, love can happen in the most unexpected places. Bojana and Michael Weatherly first met each other in 2007 at a cool bar in Vancouver. It was like magic! They felt a special connection, and they started dating. Michael, who is a famous actor, couldn’t resist Bojana’s beauty and charm. They fell in love and decided to get married in 2009.

A Private Family Life

Even though Michael Weatherly is well-known, Bojana likes to keep her family life private. They have two lovely kids named Olivia and Liam. Bojana and Michael want to protect their children from too much attention. They love spending time together as a family and enjoy making wonderful memories.

Bojana Jankovic family
Bojana Jankovic family

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FAQs About Bojana Jankovic

Who is Bojana Jankovic?

Bojana Jankovic is an award-winning doctor and the wife of actor Michael Weatherly. She is known for her accomplishments in the medical field and her private family life with Michael.

What is Bojana Jankovic famous for?

Bojana Jankovic is famous for her career as a doctor and her contributions to the medical community. She is double board-certified in internal and integrative medicine and has received numerous awards for patient satisfaction and excellence in her field.

When did Bojana Jankovic marry Michael Weatherly?

Bojana Jankovic and Michael Weatherly got married in 2009.

How many children do Bojana and Michael have?

Bojana Jankovic and Michael Weatherly have two children together, a daughter named Olivia and a son named Liam.

What awards has Bojana Jankovic received in her medical career?

Bojana Jankovic has been honored with the Southern California Top Doctors’ Rising Star award in 2016 and 2017. She also received the Top Doctor recognition in 2018 for her outstanding work in the medical field.

Does Bojana Jankovic have a public presence in the entertainment industry?

Bojana Jankovic prefers to maintain a low public profile and is not known for her work in the entertainment industry. She focuses on her medical career and family life.

How did Bojana and Michael Weatherly meet?

Bojana Jankovic and Michael Weatherly first met in 2007 at a bar in Vancouver. They felt a connection, started dating, and eventually got married in 2009.

Does Bojana Jankovic have any social media presence?

As of my last update in September 2021, there was no public information about Bojana Jankovic’s social media presence. She is known to keep her personal life private.

What kind of doctor is Bojana Jankovic?

Bojana Jankovic is double board-certified in internal and integrative medicine, which means she has expertise in both traditional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine.

Are there any controversies or scandals involving Bojana Jankovic?

As of my last update, there were no reported controversies or scandals involving Bojana Jankovic. She is known for her dedication to her medical career and her commitment to her family’s privacy.

Final Thoughts

Bojana Jankovic is an incredible woman who is not only Michael Weatherly’s wife but also a superstar doctor. Her hard work and caring nature have earned her many awards and recognition. Even though she is married to a famous actor, Bojana keeps her personal life private, focusing on her family and her career. She is a shining example of someone who can achieve great things through dedication and love for others. Bojana Jankovic is truly a remarkable person!


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