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Liam Weatherly – Michael Weatherly’s Son | Know About Him

Liam Weatherly – Michael Weatherly’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 7, 2024

Liam Weatherly is a cute boy and the son of a famous actor named Michael Weatherly. You might have seen Michael in TV shows like “NCIS” and “Dark Angel.” He’s really good at acting and has lots of money because of it.

Liam Weatherly
Liam Weatherly
Quick Facts About Liam Weatherly
Full Name Liam Weatherly
Birthdate Not Known (Approx. 9 years old as of current date)
Occupation N/A (Young boy)
Husband/Wife N/A (Single, young age)
Education N/A (Presumably in school)
Age Approximately 9 years old
Parents Michael Weatherly (Father)
Bojana Jankovic (Mother)
Siblings Olivia Weatherly (Sister)
August Manning Weatherly (Half-brother)
Children N/A (Young age)

Liam’s Mom and Dad

Liam’s mom is Bojana Jankovic. She and Michael started dating a long time ago and got married in 2009. They have two kids together: Liam and his big sister Olivia. Michael was married before, and he has an older son named August from that marriage.

Liam’s Family Life

Liam is lucky to have a loving family. He gets along well with his sister Olivia, and they do fun things together with their mom and dad. Even though Michael is famous, he tries to keep their family life private. He left a popular TV show to spend more time with his wife and kids. That’s why you don’t see Liam in the news a lot.

Michael Weatherly family
Michael Weatherly family

Liam Looks Like His Dad

Many people say Liam looks just like his dad when he was young. They have the same smile and charm. Some even wonder if Liam will become an actor like his famous father one day.

Bojana Jankovic family
Bojana Jankovic family

A Private Life

Liam’s parents want him to have a normal life. They don’t share too much about him on social media or in the news. Sometimes, Liam and Olivia appear in cooking videos on their mom’s Instagram, showing how they cook together as a family. But that’s about it when it comes to their private life.

Liam’s Future

We don’t know yet what Liam will do when he grows up. He’s still a young boy, and he has a lot of time to figure it out. Whether he becomes an actor like his dad or chooses a different path, we hope he’s happy and successful.

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FAQs About Liam Weatherly

Who is Liam Weatherly?

Liam Weatherly is the son of American actor Michael Weatherly and his wife, Bojana Jankovic. He is part of a famous family but leads a relatively private life.

When was Liam Weatherly born?

The exact date of Liam Weatherly’s birth is not mentioned in the provided information. However, he is approximately nine years old as of the current date.

Does Liam Weatherly have siblings?

Yes, Liam has an elder sister named Olivia Weatherly. He also has an older half-brother, August Manning Weatherly, from his father’s previous marriage.

What is Liam Weatherly’s father’s profession?

Liam’s father, Michael Weatherly, is a famous American actor, director, producer, and musician. He is well-known for his roles in TV series like “NCIS” and “Dark Angel”.

Does Liam Weatherly want to become an actor like his father?

There is no information available about Liam Weatherly’s career aspirations at this young age. As he grows up, he may explore various interests and decide on his own path.

Does Liam Weatherly appear in public often?

No, Liam Weatherly is rarely seen in public as his parents value their family’s privacy. They try to keep their personal life away from the media spotlight.

What does Liam Weatherly’s mother, Bojana Jankovic, do?

The provided information does not specify Bojana Jankovic’s profession. However, she is the wife of Michael Weatherly and is known to share cooking videos with her children on her Instagram account.

Does Liam Weatherly have any social media presence?

As of the provided information, there is no mention of Liam Weatherly having a social media presence. His parents have chosen to keep their children’s lives private.

How does Liam Weatherly’s family spend time together?

Liam’s family spends quality time together, as mentioned in cooking videos shared by Bojana Jankovic on her Instagram account. They have also attended events together.

Does Liam Weatherly resemble his father?

Yes, many people have noted that Liam bears a striking resemblance to his father, Michael Weatherly, especially when Michael was younger.

Final Thoughts

Liam Weatherly is a special boy, the son of a famous actor, Michael Weatherly. He enjoys a happy life with his mom, dad, and sister. Even though his dad is a big star, Liam’s family tries to keep their private life private. We don’t know what Liam will do in the future, but we wish him all the best in whatever he chooses.


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