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Olivia Weatherly – Michael Weatherly’s Daughter | Know About Her

Olivia Weatherly – Michael Weatherly’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 7, 2024

Olivia Weatherly is a sweet girl who happens to be the daughter of a famous actor, Michael Weatherly, and his wife, Bojana Jankovic. She was born on April 10, 2012, and she’s loved by many people who follow her dad on social media. Let’s learn more about Olivia and her life with her family.

Olivia Weatherly
Olivia Weatherly
Quick Facts about Olivia Weatherly
Full Name Olivia Weatherly
Date of Birth April 10, 2012
Occupation N/A (Young girl)
Husband/Wife N/A (Single, young age)
Education N/A (Presumably in school)
Age Approximately 11 years old (as of current date)
Parents Michael Weatherly (Father), Bojana Jankovic (Mother)
Siblings Liam Weatherly (Brother), August Manning Weatherly (Half-brother)
Children N/A (Young age)

A Close and Loving Family

Olivia is part of a very close family that includes her mom, dad, and her little brother, Liam, born in 2013. Her dad, Michael Weatherly, is known for playing a special agent on a cool TV show called “NCIS.” He really loves his family, and sometimes he shares cute pictures of Olivia on the internet. People like to see these pictures and watch Olivia grow up.

Bojana Jankovic family
Bojana Jankovic family

Growing Up in the Public Eye

Because her dad is famous, Olivia sometimes gets attention from the media. Her dad has lots of fans on social media, and they like seeing pictures of his family. But Olivia’s parents want her to have a normal life, so they try to protect her from too much attention.

A Great Sister-Brother Bond

Olivia and her brother, Liam, are very close. They play together and are best buddies. Their parents make sure they have a loving and happy home where they can be themselves.

Happy Times and Celebrations

Sometimes, Olivia’s dad shares special moments on social media, like her birthday or holidays. It’s nice to see the fun things they do together as a family. Olivia is loved and celebrated on these occasions.

Privacy and Family Time

Even though Olivia’s dad shares some pictures, her family values privacy. They want Olivia and Liam to have a regular childhood away from too much media attention. Their family time is precious, and they keep it private.

Michael Weatherly family
Michael Weatherly family

A Wonderful Future Ahead

Olivia is lucky to have a caring and loving family. As she grows up, she’ll have her family’s support and love. Even though we don’t always see her on social media, we know she’s happy and surrounded by people who care about her.

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FAQs About Olivia Weatherly

Who is Olivia Weatherly?

Olivia Weatherly is the daughter of actor Michael Weatherly and his wife, Bojana Jankovic. She was born on April 10, 2012.

Does Olivia Weatherly have any siblings?

Yes, Olivia has a younger brother named Liam, who was born in 2013.

What is Olivia Weatherly’s father known for?

Olivia’s father, Michael Weatherly, is a well-known actor famous for his role as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the TV series “NCIS.”

Does Olivia Weatherly appear in the media often?

As the daughter of a famous actor, Olivia has received some media attention, but her parents try to protect her privacy and give her a normal childhood.

How does Michael Weatherly share moments of Olivia’s life?

Michael Weatherly occasionally posts adorable pictures of Olivia on his social media accounts, allowing fans to see special moments and celebrations.

What is Olivia Weatherly’s relationship with her brother Liam like?

Olivia and Liam share a close and loving bond. They are best buddies and enjoy playing together.

Where does the Weatherly family live?

The Weatherly family resides in Los Angeles.

How does Michael Weatherly balance his professional and family life?

Michael Weatherly has acknowledged the challenges of balancing his acting career with family life. After leaving “NCIS,” he had the opportunity to spend more time with his wife and children.

Does Olivia Weatherly enjoy a normal childhood despite her father’s fame?

Yes, Olivia’s parents work to provide her with a normal and stable upbringing, shielding her from excessive media attention.

Does Michael Weatherly prioritize his family?

Yes, Michael Weatherly has shown his love and admiration for his family on various occasions, making them a priority in his life.

How does Olivia Weatherly’s father describe her in his social media posts?

In his social media posts, Michael Weatherly has shared heartwarming and adorable glimpses of Olivia’s life, showing how much he loves and cherishes her

Final Thoughts

Olivia Weatherly is a special girl with a famous dad, Michael Weatherly. She has a loving family and enjoys happy times with them. While her dad shares some moments on social media, her family also values their privacy. Olivia’s future looks bright with the love and care she receives from her family.


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