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Brian Schofield – Phillip Schofield’s Father | Know About Him

Brian Schofield – Phillip Schofield’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Phillip Schofield, the beloved British television presenter, has a family history that shaped the man we see on our screens. Let’s examine his father, Brian Schofield, and his life.

Quick Facts about Brian Schofield
Full Name Brian Schofield
Birth Date N/A
Died May 2008
Husband/Wife Wife – Pat Schofield
Age at Death 72 years
Son Phillip Schofield
Son Timothy Schofield
Grandchildren Ruby Lowe
Molly Lowe
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Years in Cornwall

Brian Schofield, the father of Phillip Schofield, was an integral part of Phillip’s early life. Born in Oldham, Phillip’s family moved from Lancashire to Cornwall when he was young. Phillip’s upbringing and character were affected by this change.

Close Sibling Bond

Growing up in Cornwall, Phillip shared a close bond with his brother, Timothy Schofield.

Phillip Schofield with his brother Tim Schofield
Phillip with his brother Tim

Heartfelt Connection with His Father

Brian Schofield played a crucial role in Phillip’s life. Brian died at 72 in May 2008 following a heart attack caused by a long-standing heart ailment. Phillip, who openly misses his father, was deeply affected by this death.

Saving His Father’s Life

In a surprising revelation, Phillip Schofield shared an extraordinary moment where he saved his father’s life after Brian suffered a heart attack and appeared to ‘die’ in front of him.

Phillip Schofield with family
Phillip Schofield with family

Proud of His Son’s Authenticity

Phillip Schofield, known for his warm and charismatic television presence, revealed that his late father would have been proud of him for coming out as gay.

The Loving Mother: Pat Schofield

While Brian Schofield left an indelible mark on Phillip’s life, his mother, Pat Schofield, continues to be a source of love and support. Pat, in Cornwall, is essential to Phillip.

Phillip Schofield with his mother Pat Schofield
Phillip with his mother Pat

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FAQs About Brian Schofield

Who was Brian Schofield?

Brian Schofield was the father of British television presenter Phillip Schofield. He played a significant role in Phillip’s life and upbringing.

What was the cause of Brian Schofield’s death?

Brian Schofield passed away in May 2008 at the age of 72. The cause of his death was a heart attack, resulting from a long-standing heart condition.

How did Phillip Schofield react to his father’s passing?

Phillip Schofield has openly expressed his deep sadness and the lasting impact of his father’s death. He has mentioned that he still misses his father horribly.

Did Phillip Schofield save his father’s life during a heart attack?

Yes, there are reports that Phillip Schofield saved his father’s life after Brian suffered a heart attack and seemingly ‘died’ in front of him.


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