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Tim Schofield – Phillip Schofield’s Brother | Know About Him

Tim Schofield – Phillip Schofield’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 14, 2024

Phillip Schofield, the renowned TV presenter, has a brother named Tim Schofield. Let’s delve into some essential aspects of Tim’s life and family connections.

Phillip Schofield with his brother Tim Schofield
Phillip with his brother Tim
Quick Facts about Tim Schofield
Full Name Timothy Schofield
Birthdate April 1962
Occupation Civilian police worker
Husband/Wife N/A
Education N/A
Age 62 years and 1 months old
Parents Father: Brian Schofield
Mother: Pat Schofield
Siblings Brother: Phillip Schofield
Children Not Known
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Upbringing

Tim Schofield, like his famous brother Phillip, was born into the Schofield family. Born to Brian and Pat Schofield in Oldham on an April day in 1962, Phillip and Tim shared their childhood in Lancashire before the family decided to call Cornwall their home.

Phillip Schofield with his mother Pat Schofield
Phillip with his mother Pat

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Brotherly Bonds

Growing up, the Schofield brothers, Phillip and Tim, were not just siblings; they were close companions. Their tie was more than family due to childhood memories.

Family Ties

Their parents, Brian and Pat Schofield, shaped the family. Tim and Phillip’s Cornwall childhood shaped them.

Tim’s Personal Life

Legal issues changed Timothy Schofield’s life. He received a 12-year term in 2023 for sexually abusing a vulnerable teenage kid for three years. In court, the judge said Tim exploited his victim’s innocence for personal gain.

Impact on Phillip Schofield

For Phillip Schofield, the legal issues involving his brother are undoubtedly distressing. The Schofield family, once closely knit, now faces the challenges brought on by these unfortunate circumstances. Phillip, born April 1, 1962, is close to his family, making his brother’s legal difficulties more emotional.

Marriage and Supportive Wife

In March 1993, Phillip Schofield married Stephanie Lowe, a pivotal figure in his life. Stephanie has been a constant pillar of support in Phillip’s flourishing TV career. Stephanie’s constant support for Phillip and their personal connection are evident throughout their marriage.

Schofield Offspring

Phillip and Stephanie Schofield are parents to two daughters, Molly and Ruby. The Schofield family extends beyond the small screen into the warmth of their home. Molly, born in 1993, currently works as a Talent Manager at YMU Group, while Ruby, born in 1996, shares a close bond with her father, evident from the pictures they often share on social media.

FAQs About Tim Schofield

Who is Tim Schofield?

Tim Schofield is the brother of the well-known TV presenter, Phillip Schofield.

What is Tim Schofield known for?

Tim Schofield gained attention for being the brother of Phillip Schofield. Unfortunately, he has been in the public eye due to legal troubles, leading to his conviction for sexually abusing a vulnerable teenage boy over a three-year period.

When was Tim Schofield born?

Tim Schofield was born on an April day in 1962 in Oldham, Lancashire.

What is the relationship between Tim Schofield and Phillip Schofield?

Tim Schofield is the brother of Phillip Schofield. The two brothers shared a close bond while growing up.


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