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Pat Schofield – Phillip Schofield’s Mother | Know About Her

Pat Schofield – Phillip Schofield’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 9, 2024

Phillip Schofield, the familiar face on TV screens, has a strong connection to his family, especially his mother, Pat Schofield. Let’s take a closer look at who Pat is and the role she plays in Phillip’s life.

Phillip Schofield with his mother Pat Schofield
Phillip with his mother Pat
Quick Facts About Pat Schofield
Full Name Pat Schofield
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband Brian Schofield
Age 85+ (as of 2023)
Son Phillip Schofield
Son Timothy Schofield
Granddaughter Ruby Lowe
Molly Lowe
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Days and Relocation to Cornwall

Born on April 1, 1962, in Oldham, Phillip’s roots tie back to Lancashire. However, when he was a youngster, the Schofield family made a move to Cornwall. It’s a bit like tracing the footsteps of a journey that laid the foundation for Phillip’s upbringing.

Family Ties: Brian, Pat, and Timothy

With family, Pat is not alone. Phillip and Timothy are her sons with Brian Schofield. Phillip and Timothy were close as children. The foundation of one’s journey is family.

Phillip Schofield with his brother Tim Schofield
Phillip with his brother Tim

Phillip’s Life Partner: Stephanie Lowe

Phillip made a big personal change in March 1993. He married Stephanie Lowe. Stephanie, Phillip’s rock, has supported him throughout his TV career. A partnership beyond screen glamor.

Daughters: Molly and Ruby Schofield

The Schofield household expanded with the arrival of two daughters: Molly and Ruby. Molly, born in 1993, has ventured into the professional realm as a Talent Manager at YMU Group. Ruby, the younger of the two, came into the world in 1996. Both daughters post about their loving relationship with their father on social media.

Phillip Schofield with family
Phillip Schofield with family

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A Glimpse of Pat Schofield in the Public Eye

Pat Schofield, like any mother, has been in the spotlight. Recent photos show her and Phillip sharing a touching moment. Phillip, the former ITV presenter, found comfort with his mother after leaving This Morning. The photos highlight the mother-son bond and how family can help in difficult times.

Health Challenges and Resilience

In June 2023, reports surfaced about Pat Schofield facing severe health issues that led to her hospitalization. The 87-year-old, however, displayed resilience and made her way back home to Cornwall after overcoming the health challenges. This period illuminated the strength of familial bonds during trying times.

A Glimpse of Newquay, Cornwall:

Phillip’s Newquay public appearances revealed his personal life. Phillip hugged his mother Pat on a seaside bench. Phillip told his mother about his struggles, including losing his job. The scene demonstrated openness and vulnerability.

FAQs About Pat Schofield

Who is Pat Schofield?

The mother of British TV broadcaster Phillip Schofield is Pat Schofield. She’s important to Phillip and has been in the spotlight.

Who are Pat Schofield’s immediate family members?

Pat Schofield is married to Brian Schofield, and they have two sons, Phillip and Timothy. Phillip Schofield, the renowned TV presenter, is her more well-known son.

How many children does Pat Schofield have?

Pat Schofield has two sons, Phillip and Timothy.


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