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Charles Chan – Jackie Chan’s Father | Know About Him

Charles Chan – Jackie Chan’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 9, 2024

Charles Chan was a very important person in the life of the famous actor, director, and singer, Jackie Chan. He was Jackie’s dad, and he had a big impact on Jackie’s life and career. In this article, we will learn more about Charles Chan, his background, his relationship with Jackie Chan, and how he made a mark in the world of movies.

Quick Facts about Charles Chan
Full Name Charles Chan
Birthdate 18th December 1914
Date of Passing 26th February 2008
Occupation Not known
Husband/Wife Lee-Lee Chan (wife)
Education Not known
Age 93 at the time of passing
Parents Fang Zhengwen
Siblings Not known
Children Jackie Chan (son)
Fang ShideFang Shisheng

Early Life and Moving to Australia

Charles Chan was born on 18th December 1914. He and his wife, Lee-Lee Chan, faced some tough times in Hong Kong during the 1950s. But they always wanted the best for their son, Jackie.

In the early 1960s, the Chan family decided to move to Canberra, Australia, hoping for a better life. Jackie got to experience a new country and culture. Later, they went back to Hong Kong, where Jackie’s journey as a martial artist and actor started to take off.

A Special Bond with His Son

Charles Chan and Jackie had a special and strong bond. Charles supported Jackie’s love for performing and martial arts from a young age. He saw the talent in his son and encouraged him to follow his dreams. This support from his father helped Jackie a lot in his career.

Appearing in Jackie’s Movies

Charles Chan even had a small part in some of Jackie’s movies. He made special appearances, like cameos, in films such as “Police Story 2.” These moments were very meaningful for both the Chan family and Jackie’s fans.

Family Struggles and Challenges

Although they had a strong bond, the Chan family also had some challenges. In 1982, Jackie Chan got married to Taiwanese actress Joan Lin in a secret ceremony. Even though they stayed together for a long time, they faced some difficulties. In 1999, news came out about Jackie’s relationship with former beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi-Lei. They had a daughter named Etta Ng Chok Lam. This situation caused some problems in the family.

The Legacy of Charles Chan

Charles Chan left behind more than just being Jackie Chan’s dad. He taught Jackie important values like hard work and never giving up. These values helped Jackie become a successful actor and also someone who helps others through charity work.

Jackie Chan’s Family Today

Today, Jackie Chan’s family is still very important to him. He and Joan Lin are still together and strong. Their son, Jaycee Chan, also chose to be in show business, just like his famous father.

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FAQs About Charles Chan

Who is Charles Chan?

Charles Chan was the father of the famous actor, director, and singer, Jackie Chan. He played a significant role in shaping Jackie’s life and career.

When was Charles Chan born?

Charles Chan was born on 18th December 1914.

When did Charles Chan pass away?

Charles Chan passed away on 26th February 2008.

What was Charles Chan’s relationship with Jackie Chan?

Charles Chan was Jackie Chan’s father. He had a special bond with his son and supported him in pursuing his passion for performing and martial arts.

Did Charles Chan appear in Jackie Chan’s movies?

Yes, Charles Chan made cameo appearances in some of Jackie Chan’s films, including “Police Story 2.”

Where did the Chan family immigrate to?

The Chan family immigrated to Canberra, Australia, in the early 1960s. Later, they moved back to Hong Kong.

Did Charles Chan face any challenges in his family life?

Yes, the Chan family faced some challenges. In 1999, news surfaced about Jackie Chan’s extramarital affair with former beauty queen Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, leading to the birth of their daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam.

How did Charles Chan’s passing impact Jackie Chan?

Charles Chan’s passing marked the end of an era for Jackie Chan. He continues to honor his father’s memory and legacy.

Final Thoughts

Charles Chan played a big role in Jackie Chan’s life and career. He was a caring and supportive father who encouraged his son to chase his dreams. The Chan family had some challenges, but they also had a lot of love and respect for each other. Charles Chan’s influence on Jackie will always be remembered as one of the reasons behind Jackie Chan’s success and the good he does in the world.


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