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Fang Shide – Jackie Chan’s Brother | Know About Him

Fang Shide – Jackie Chan’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 21, 2024

Fang Shide is an important person in the life of the famous actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan. He is actually Jackie Chan’s older half-brother. They have a special connection that makes their story heartwarming and touching. In this article, we’ll learn about Fang Shide’s life, his relationship with Jackie Chan, and their emotional reunion.

Fang Shide
Fang Shide
Quick Facts about Fang Shide
Full Name Fang Shide
Birthdate 1940
Occupation Not known
Husband/Wife Not Known
Education Not known
Age As of 2023 (estimated)
Parents Father: Charles Chan
Mother: Lee Lee Chan
Siblings Fang ShishengJackie Chan
Yulan ChanGuilan Chan
Children Not applicable

Early Life and Background

Fang Shide was born in 1940 in Wuhu, Anhui. He is the eldest son of Jackie Chan’s dad, Fang Daolong. Unfortunately, when Fang Shide was very young, their family faced some tough times because of a war in China. His dad had to leave him and his younger brother, Fang Shisheng, behind. They had to grow up without their father, and Jackie Chan didn’t even know they existed.

Life Without Dad

Growing up without a dad was not easy for Fang Shide and Fang Shisheng. They didn’t know anything about their dad and lived far away from him. It must have been very hard for them. But after 35 years, Fang Daolong decided to go back and meet his sons. This was the start of a beautiful reunion with his lost children.

Meeting Jackie Chan

In 2013, Jackie Chan traveled to their hometown in Anhui to meet Fang Shide and Fang Shisheng for the first time. Can you imagine how they felt when they met their famous half-brother? It was a happy moment for all of them, and they hugged each other with tears of joy. Finally, they could share their lives and experiences together.

Challenges and Difficulties

Before the reunion, Fang Shide and Fang Shisheng faced difficulties in their lives in mainland China. They were left alone when their dad went to Hong Kong. It wasn’t easy without any family support. But meeting Jackie Chan brought them new hope and a chance to become a stronger family.

Family Matters

The story of Fang Shide and Jackie Chan shows us how important family is. Being apart for so long was tough, but their love for each other helped them reunite. It reminds us all that family is special and can bring us happiness.

A Journey of Emotions

When Fang Shide met Jackie Chan, it was a very emotional moment for both of them. They learned about each other’s lives and shared their feelings. It was a journey filled with happiness and tears, and they made memories that will last forever.

The Impact of Reconnection

Their reunion not only made Fang Shide and Jackie Chan happy but also touched the hearts of people everywhere. It’s a story that inspires us to value our family and to never lose hope of reconnecting with loved ones. Even after a long time apart, it’s never too late to come together again.

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FAQs About Fang Shide

Who is Fang Shide?

Fang Shide is Jackie Chan’s elder half-brother. He was born in 1940 in Wuhu, Anhui, and holds a significant place in Jackie Chan’s personal life.

What is Fang Shide’s relationship with Jackie Chan?

Fang Shide is the half-brother of Jackie Chan. They share the same father, Fang Daolong.

Did Fang Shide have any relationship with Jackie Chan before the reunion?

No, Fang Shide and Jackie Chan were separated for most of their lives, and they were unaware of each other’s existence until their reunion in 2013.

What emotions did Fang Shide and Jackie Chan experience during their reunion?

The reunion between Fang Shide and Jackie Chan was an emotional moment filled with tears of joy. They embraced each other after being apart for so many years.

What impact did the reunion have on Fang Shide and Jackie Chan?

The reunion allowed Fang Shide and Jackie Chan to connect as brothers and share their life experiences. It brought them closer together and created lasting memories.

How did fans react to the reunion of Fang Shide and Jackie Chan?

The reunion between Fang Shide and Jackie Chan touched the hearts of their fans worldwide. It became an inspiring story of family bonds and love.

Are there any other known family members of Fang Shide and Jackie Chan?

Yes, Fang Shide has another half-brother named Fang Shisheng. Jackie Chan also has other siblings, including sisters Yulan Chan and Guilan Chan, as well as his children, Jaycee Chan and Etta Ng.

Final Thoughts

Fang Shide’s story as Jackie Chan’s older half-brother is a beautiful one. It’s about family, love, and reunion. They show us that family is important, no matter what. Their emotional journey reminds us to cherish our loved ones and to always keep our family close to our hearts. The reunion of Fang Shide and Jackie Chan is a story that will stay with them and their fans forever, reminding us all of the power of family and love.


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