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Lee-Lee Chan – Jackie Chan’s Mother | Know About Her

Lee-Lee Chan – Jackie Chan’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 25, 2024

Meet Lee-Lee Chan, the incredible mother of the famous actor, Jackie Chan. Lee-Lee played a big part in Jackie’s life and helped him become the superstar we all know and love. Let’s learn more about her and the special bond she shared with her son.

Quick Facts
Full Name Lee-Lee Chan
Birthdate 1916
Occupation N/A
Husband Charles Chan
Education N/A
Age Deceased (Died in 2002)
Parents N/A
Grandchildren Jaycee ChanEtta Ng Chok Lam
Children Jackie ChanYulan ChanGuilan Chan

Early Life and Family

Lee-Lee Chan was born in 1916 and got married to Charles Chan, who was born on 18th December 1914. They were blessed with a son, Jackie Chan, on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong. During their early years, the family faced some tough times and had very little money. But they never gave up on their dreams and worked hard for a better future.

Moving to a New Country

In the 1960s, Lee-Lee and her husband decided to move to Canberra, Australia, hoping to find better opportunities. However, things didn’t work out as planned, and they later returned to Hong Kong. This decision would have a big impact on Jackie’s future and lead him to become a global superstar.

Supporting Jackie’s Dreams

From a young age, Jackie had a passion for acting. His parents, including Lee-Lee, noticed his talent and encouraged him to follow his dreams. They enrolled him in a famous drama school in Hong Kong, called the China Drama Academy. Their support and belief in Jackie’s talent were crucial in helping him become the amazing actor he is today.

A Loving Family

As Jackie’s fame grew, he remained close to his family. Lee-Lee and Charles were always there for him, cheering him on and giving him love and support. Sometimes, they even appeared in some of his movies, which made their bond even more special.

Surprising Discovery

In a surprising turn of events, Jackie Chan discovered that he had two brothers living in China. This shocking news brought the family even closer together, and Jackie loved and cared for his parents even more because of it.

Challenges in Personal Life

While Jackie’s professional life was full of success, his personal life had some challenges. He had a relationship with Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, who was a former beauty queen, and they had a daughter named Etta Ng Chok Lam. This was a difficult time for the family, but Lee-Lee’s love and support never wavered.

In Loving Memory

Lee-Lee Chan’s legacy lives on in the hearts of Jackie and his fans. Her love and dedication helped shape Jackie into the amazing person he is today. She will always be remembered as the loving mother who stood by her son through thick and thin.

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FAQs About Lee-Lee Chan

Who is Lee-Lee Chan?

Lee-Lee Chan was the mother of the famous actor, director, and singer, Jackie Chan.

When was Lee-Lee Chan born?

Lee-Lee Chan was born in 1916.

When did Lee-Lee Chan pass away?

Lee-Lee Chan passed away on 28th February 2002.

Who was Lee-Lee Chan married to?

Lee-Lee Chan was married to Charles Chan, who was the father of Jackie Chan.

Did Lee-Lee Chan have any other children besides Jackie Chan?

Yes, Lee-Lee Chan and Charles Chan had other children besides Jackie Chan.

How did Lee-Lee Chan support Jackie Chan’s career?

Lee-Lee Chan supported Jackie Chan’s acting aspirations and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. She enrolled him in the China Drama Academy to nurture his talent.

Did Lee-Lee Chan appear in any of Jackie Chan’s movies?

Yes, Lee-Lee Chan, along with her husband Charles Chan, appeared in some of Jackie Chan’s films, making special cameo appearances.

What impact did Lee-Lee Chan have on Jackie Chan’s life?

Lee-Lee Chan played a significant role in shaping Jackie Chan’s life and career. Her love, support, and encouragement were crucial in helping him become a successful actor and global superstar.

How is Lee-Lee Chan remembered?

Lee-Lee Chan is remembered as a loving and dedicated mother who stood by her son throughout his journey to stardom. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of Jackie Chan and his fans, as she played a crucial role in shaping his life and career.

Final Thoughts

Lee-Lee Chan’s story is one of love, support, and family. Her role in Jackie Chan’s life was crucial, and she will forever be cherished in the hearts of those who admire the legendary actor.


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