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Devin Maurer – Josh Lucas’s Brother | Know About Him

Devin Maurer – Josh Lucas’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: April 26, 2024

Devin Maurer‘s contributions to the film industry are well-known. He works as a producer and film editor. Devin’s brother, actor Josh Lucas, is another reason for his notoriety. Devin has established himself as a successful actor despite coming from a well-known family of actors. His colleagues respect him and his distinct approach.

Josh Lucas brother Devin Maurer
Devin Maurer
Quick Facts About Devin Maurer Details
Full Name Devin Maurer
Birthdate 6 January 1977, Richmond, Virginia, United States
Occupation Film editor and producer
Husband/Wife Wife name not known
Movies Stolen, Someplace Better Than Here
Age 47 years and 4 months old
Parents Michele LeFevre (mother), Don Maurer (father)
Siblings Josh Lucas (brother), Kate Maurer (sister), one other sister (name unknown)
Children N/A
Networth $5 million (as of 2024)

Family Background

Devin Maurer comes from a family of activists. His parents are Michele LeFevre and Don Maurer. Michele is a nurse midwife, while Don is an emergency room doctor. Devin has three siblings: Josh Lucas, Kate Maurer, and another sister whose name isn’t known. The family moved around a lot because his parents were antinuclear activists. This experience shaped Devin and his siblings.

Josh Lucas mother Michele
mother Michele

Relationship with Josh Lucas

Devin Maurer and Josh Lucas share a close bond. They have worked together on different projects. Devin has been Josh’s creative partner since 2002. They attend events together, showing that they support each other. Even though Josh is more in the spotlight, Devin is a big part of his brother’s success.

Devin’s Work in the Film Industry

Producer and editor of motion pictures Devin Maurer. He has contributed to multiple projects and gained recognition for his abilities. His work demands an acute attention to detail. He contributes to the final output of a film or television program as an editor. Devin does a great job in this important capacity. His work demonstrates his talent and dedication and speaks for itself.

A Close-Knit Family

The family of Devin Maurer is close-knit. He and his sister Kate and brother Josh frequently go to events together. They find time for one another in spite of their hectic schedules. Their shared childhood of traveling together has given them a special affinity. Over time, this bond has remained strong.

Josh Lucas’s Personal Life

Josh Lucas, Devin’s brother, is a well-known actor. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has made a successful career in acting. He was married to Jessica Ciencin Henriquez from 2012 to 2014. They have a son named Noah Rev Maurer. Even though they divorced, Josh and Jessica co-parent Noah. This shows that family is important to Josh, just as it is to Devin.

Devin’s Role in the Family

Devin Maurer is a significant member of his family. He encourages his sibling Josh to pursue his career. His other siblings and he are likewise quite close. Devin is also the uncle of Noah, Josh’s son. This function is significant because it demonstrates his deep family devotion.

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FAQs About Devin Maurer

Who is Devin Maurer?

Renowned film editor and producer Devin Maurer is related to actor Josh Lucas. He has contributed to the cinema and television industries by working on a variety of projects, and he has received acclaim for his achievements.

What is Devin Maurer’s relationship with Josh Lucas?

Devin Maurer is Josh Lucas’s younger brother. They have a close relationship and have worked together on multiple projects. Devin has been Josh’s creative partner since 2002 and often attends events with him.

Does Devin Maurer have other siblings?

Yes, Devin Maurer has two sisters, one of whom is named Kate Maurer, a Physician Assistant. The name of his other sister isn’t publicly known. Along with Josh Lucas, they form a close-knit family.

Does Devin Maurer have children?

Devin Maurer doesn’t have children, but he is an uncle to Josh Lucas’s son, Noah Rev Maurer.


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