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Don Maurer – Josh Lucas’s Father | Know About Him

Don Maurer – Josh Lucas’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 18, 2024

Don Maurer is known for being the father of actor Josh Lucas. His son, Josh, is famous for roles in movies like Sweet Home Alabama and The Lincoln Lawyer. But Don has his own story. He worked in the medical field and was also an activist. Let’s find out more about him.

Quick Facts About Don Maurer Details
Full Name Don Maurer
Birthdate 1945
Occupation Emergency Room (ER) Doctor
Husband/Wife Michele LeFevre
Education N/A
Age 79 years and 5 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Josh Lucas, Devin Maurer
Kate Maurer, other daughter name not known
Net worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Family Background

Don Maurer is married to Michele LeFevre. She is a nurse midwife. They have four children: Josh Lucas, Devin Maurer, Kate Maurer, and another daughter whose name isn’t well known. The family lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Josh was born in 1971.

Josh Lucas mother Michele
Wife Michele

Don and Michele were committed to improving the world. They worked against nuclear weapons. This indicated that they disapproved of the use of nuclear energy. The family moved around a lot as a result. They traversed the southern region of the United States. Josh’s early years were shaped by the family’s shared travels.

Don’s Career

Don Maurer worked as an Emergency Room (ER) doctor. This job is challenging. It means helping people who are very sick or injured. ER doctors work in hospitals, and they must be ready to act fast. This job requires a lot of skill and patience. Don worked in this role while also raising his family and supporting their activism.

Josh Lucas’s Siblings

Don’s son, Josh Lucas, is the most famous in the family because of his acting career. But Don has other children too. His son Devin Maurer works as a film editor. Devin helps create movies and TV shows by editing the film. Kate Maurer, Don’s daughter, works as a Physician Assistant. She helps doctors and takes care of patients. Don’s other daughter prefers to stay out of the spotlight, so we don’t know much about her.

Josh Lucas with sister Kate Maurer
Josh Lucas with sister Kate Maurer

Josh Lucas’s Personal Life

Josh Lucas, Don’s son, got married to Jessica Ciencin Henriquez on March 17, 2012. They had a son named Noah Rev Maurer, born in the same year. But their marriage did not last. Josh and Jessica got divorced in 2014. Even though they are no longer married, they still take care of their son together. This is called co-parenting. It means both parents share the responsibility of raising their child.

Josh Lucas brother Devin Maurer
Son Devin Maurer

The Influence of Don Maurer

His family was impacted by the ideas and efforts of Don Maurer. As an emergency room physician, he was aware of the significance of providing treatment for patients. His work in the medical industry further demonstrated his dedication to assisting people.

His children were greatly impacted by his involvement. Josh Lucas and his siblings had a distinct upbringing because of Don and Michele’s travels and views. They discovered the importance of sticking up for their convictions.

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FAQs About Don Maurer

Who is Don Maurer?

Actor Josh Lucas’s father, Don Maurer, works as an ER physician. His anti-nuclear crusade is another aspect of his fame.

What does Don Maurer do for a living?

Don Maurer was an emergency room physician, a job that necessitates rapid thinking and the capacity to manage crises in a medical facility.

Who is Don Maurer’s wife?

Don Maurer is married to Michele LeFevre, a nurse midwife. She shares his passion for activism and worked in the medical field as well.

How many children does Don Maurer have?

Don Maurer has four children. They are Josh Lucas, Devin Maurer, Kate Maurer, and another daughter whose name is not widely known.

What do Don Maurer’s other children do?

Don’s son, Devin Maurer, works as a film editor, while his daughter, Kate Maurer, is a Physician Assistant. His other daughter has chosen to stay out of the public eye.


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