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Michele LeFevre – Josh Lucas’s Mother | Know About Her

Michele LeFevre – Josh Lucas’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 17, 2024

Actor Josh Lucas is well-known for having Michele LeFevre as his mother. Michele is more than just a mother, though. Her personal life narrative and career are worth learning about. Let’s explore Michele’s background, her family, and her relationship with Josh Lucas in more detail.

Josh Lucas mother Michele
mother Michele
Quick Facts About Michele LeFevre Details
Full Name Michele LeFevre
Birthdate 1945
Occupation Nurse midwife
Husband/Wife Husband: Don Maurer
Education N/A
Age 79 years and 5 months old
Parents Not Known
Son Josh Lucas, Devin Maurer
Daughter Kate Maurer, and another daughter whose name is not known
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Michele’s Early Life and Career

Michele LeFevre chose a career in healthcare. She is a nurse midwife, which means she helps women during pregnancy, childbirth, and after the baby is born. This is a very important job, and it requires a lot of skill and compassion. Michele’s work in this field shows she is dedicated to helping others.

Michele’s Family

Don Maurer, an ER physician, is the man Michele married. Together, they were parents to four kids. The well-known actor Josh Lucas is one of them. Don and Michele were active opponents of nuclear weapons. They thus made an effort to increase public understanding of the risks associated with nuclear energy and weapons. They took their kids with them when they toured around the South. Josh and the rest of the family were greatly affected by this.

Josh Lucas with sister Kate Maurer
Josh Lucas with sister Kate Maurer

Josh Lucas and His Siblings

Josh Lucas is Michele’s most famous child. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on June 20, 1971. He has a brother named Devin Maurer and two sisters. One sister’s name is Kate Maurer, and the other sister’s name is not known. Devin is a film editor, and Kate is a physician assistant. So, Michele’s children have gone into different careers, showing the variety in the family.

Josh Lucas brother Devin Maurer
Son Devin Maurer

Michele’s Influence on Josh Lucas

Michele’s activism had a big impact on Josh Lucas. Growing up with parents who cared about important issues helped shape Josh’s views. He learned about the world from a young age and saw the importance of standing up for what he believed in. This might have played a role in his choice to become an actor, where he can tell stories that matter.

Josh Lucas’s Personal Life

Josh Lucas got married to Jessica Ciencin Henriquez on March 17, 2012. They had a son named Noah Rev Maurer in the same year. Sadly, Josh and Jessica got divorced in 2014, just two years after they got married. Now, they share the responsibility of raising Noah. This shows that even though things didn’t work out between Josh and Jessica, they are committed to being good parents.

Michele’s Legacy

On her family, Michele LeFevre has had a profound influence. She has contributed to the birth of new life as a nurse midwife. She has helped her kids make life decisions and occupations as a mother. Her activism against nuclear power demonstrates her concern for important causes. Michele is an inspiration to others because of her commitment to her family and her values.

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FAQs About Michele LeFevre

Who is Michele LeFevre?

Josh Lucas’ mother, nurse midwife Michele LeFevre, works in the entertainment industry. She is renowned for participating in anti-nuclear activism alongside her spouse, Don Maurer.

How many children does Michele LeFevre have?

Michele LeFevre has four children. Her most famous child is actor Josh Lucas. She also has a son named Devin Maurer and two daughters, Kate Maurer and another whose name is not known.

What does Michele LeFevre’s husband do?

Michele LeFevre’s husband, Don Maurer, is an emergency room doctor. He is also known for his involvement in antinuclear activism alongside Michele.

Does Michele LeFevre work in the entertainment industry?

No, Michele LeFevre does not work in the entertainment industry. She is a nurse midwife by profession. However, her son, Josh Lucas, is a well-known actor.

Does Michele LeFevre have grandchildren?

Yes, Michele LeFevre has at least one grandchild. Josh Lucas has a son named Noah Rev Maurer, born in 2012. Michele’s other children may also have families, but information about other grandchildren is not readily available.


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