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Isaiah Stroud – C.J. Stroud’s Brother | Know About Him

Isaiah Stroud – C.J. Stroud’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 17, 2024

Have you heard of Isaiah Stroud? He is the older brother of C.J. Stroud, the famous American football quarterback. C.J. Stroud played for the Ohio State Buckeyes and became quite popular. Let’s learn more about Isaiah and his connection to C.J. Stroud!

Isaiah Stroud
Isaiah Stroud
Quick Facts about Isaiah Stroud Details
Full Name Isaiah Stroud
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife N/A
Education N/A
Age N/A
Parents Kimberly Stroud (Mother)
Coleridge Bernard Stroud III (Father)
Siblings CJ Stroud (brother)
Ciara (sister)
Children N/A

The Stroud Family: Getting to Know Them

Isaiah Stroud is part of the Stroud family. They have a mom and dad, Kimberly and Coleridge Bernard Stroud III, and three kids. C.J. Stroud’s full name is Coleridge Bernard Stroud IV, and he was born on October 3, 2001, in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Their family has faced some tough times, as their dad is in prison for some serious things like kidnapping and robbery.

Isaiah Stroud – The Oldest Sibling

Isaiah is the oldest brother among the Stroud siblings. He has a special bond with his younger brother, C.J. Stroud. While we don’t have many details about Isaiah’s life, we can imagine that he has been a great support to C.J. throughout their lives.

A Strong Support System

C.J. Stroud has often talked about how important his family is to him. His siblings, including Isaiah, have been there for him through thick and thin. Even though we don’t know much about Isaiah’s interests or career, we can see that he has played a big role in C.J.’s life.

Mom – A Superhero Single Parent

With their dad in prison, C.J. Stroud and Isaiah were raised by their amazing mom, Kimberly Stroud. She had to take care of them all by herself. It wasn’t easy, but she worked hard to give them a good life. Kimberly made sure her boys stayed away from bad things and got involved in sports, which helped them learn important lessons about teamwork and discipline.

Brotherly Fun and Friendship

Just like any other siblings, Isaiah and C.J. Stroud must have had their share of fun and friendly competition growing up. Although we don’t have specific stories about their adventures, we can imagine them having a lot of fun together.

Keeping Things Private

Isaiah Stroud, like many family members of famous people, prefers to keep his life private. It’s okay because not everyone likes the spotlight. Some people just want to live their lives without too much attention from the media.

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FAQs About Isaiah Stroud

Who is Isaiah Stroud?

Isaiah Stroud is the older brother of C.J. Stroud, the American football quarterback who gained fame playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

How many siblings does Isaiah Stroud have?

Isaiah Stroud has two siblings – a younger brother named C.J. Stroud and an older sister named Ciara.

Final Thoughts

Isaiah Stroud is a crucial part of the Stroud family, and he has a special place in C.J. Stroud’s heart. Even though we don’t know a lot about him, we can see how much he means to C.J. and how he has been a supportive big brother. Family is important, and the Stroud family’s experiences remind us of the strength and love they share, even during tough times. So, the next time you hear about C.J. Stroud, remember his big brother Isaiah, who has played an essential role in his life’s journey.


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