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Kimberly Stroud – CJ Stroud’s Mother | Know About Her

Kimberly Stroud – CJ Stroud’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 15, 2024

Meet Kimberly Stroud, the incredible mom of C.J. Stroud, a talented football player loved by many. Learn about her important role in C.J.’s life and how she supported him on his football journey.

CJ Stroud mother Kim Stroud
CJ Stroud mother Kim Stroud
Facts About Kimberly Stroud Details
Full Name Kimberly Stroud
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Married to Coleridge Bernard Stroud III
Education N/A
Age N/A
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Children CJ Stroud, Isaiah Stroud, Ciara Stroud
Supportive Role Nurtured C.J.’s football passion
Impact Guided and encouraged him in his career
Challenges Faced Overcame difficulties as a single mother
Family Background Raised with strong values and principles

Early Life and Family Background

Kimberly Stroud had a loving family growing up, and she learned good values from her parents. She passed on these qualities to her own children, including C.J. Stroud. We don’t know much about her early life, but it’s clear that she played a big role in shaping C.J.’s life.

The Stroud Family

Kimberly is married to Coleridge Bernard Stroud III, and they have four children, including C.J. Stroud. Their family faced tough times when C.J.’s dad got in trouble with the law and went to prison. This was hard for everyone, especially C.J., who missed his dad.

A Loving Single Mother

When C.J.’s dad went to prison, Kimberly became a single mother. She took care of her kids all by herself. During C.J.’s middle school and high school years, she was there for him, giving him love and support. Even without his dad, C.J. knew his mom would always be there for him.

Supporting C.J.’s Football Passion

From a young age, Kimberly saw that C.J. loved football. She encouraged his passion for the sport, knowing it made him happy. Kimberly wanted to keep C.J. away from negative influences, and football gave him a positive outlet for his energy and talent.

A Special Bond

Kimberly and C.J. Stroud have a strong bond. She wasn’t just his mom; she became his biggest fan and supporter. Kimberly cheered him on at his games and celebrated his successes with him.

Facing Challenges Together

As a single mom, Kimberly had to face challenges while raising her children. It wasn’t easy to balance work, family, and support C.J.’s football dreams. But she never gave up, always working hard to give C.J. and his siblings the best future possible.

C.J. Stroud’s Football Success

Thanks to Kimberly’s love and support, C.J.’s football career took off. He did well in high school football, catching the attention of college scouts. C.J. ended up playing for the famous football program at Ohio State University.

Celebrating Big Achievements

In 2023, C.J. Stroud had a major accomplishment. He was picked as the No. 2 overall draft pick by the Houston Texans. This was a big moment for C.J. and his family, including his mom, Kimberly Stroud.

A Wonderful Mom’s Love

Kimberly Stroud’s love for her son, C.J., made a huge difference in his life. As a single mom, she worked hard to help him succeed. Her love and support made C.J. the amazing football player he is today.

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FAQs About Kimberly Stroud

Who is Kimberly Stroud?

Kimberly Stroud is the mother of C.J. Stroud, a talented American football quarterback who has gained recognition for his skills on the field.

What is Kimberly Stroud’s role in C.J. Stroud’s life?

Kimberly Stroud is a significant figure in C.J. Stroud’s life as his mother. She has been a source of love, support, and guidance for him throughout his journey in football.

Is Kimberly Stroud married?

Yes, Kimberly Stroud is married to Coleridge Bernard Stroud III.

How many children does Kimberly Stroud have?

Kimberly Stroud and Coleridge Bernard Stroud III have four children, including C.J. Stroud.

How has Kimberly Stroud supported C.J. Stroud’s football career?

As a supportive mother, Kimberly Stroud has encouraged C.J. in his passion for football and attended his games to cheer him on.

What challenges has Kimberly Stroud faced as a mother?

Kimberly Stroud faced challenges as a single mother when her husband, Coleridge Bernard Stroud III, encountered legal troubles and was imprisoned.

How has Kimberly Stroud balanced her family life with C.J. Stroud’s football commitments?

As a dedicated mother, Kimberly Stroud has worked hard to balance her family life and support C.J. in his football endeavors, ensuring he had the necessary encouragement and care.

What impact has Kimberly Stroud had on C.J. Stroud’s football success?

Kimberly Stroud’s love, support, and guidance have been instrumental in C.J. Stroud’s football success, helping him become a talented quarterback.

Has Kimberly Stroud been involved in any football-related activities or organizations?

While there is no public information available about Kimberly Stroud’s specific involvement in football-related activities or organizations, her support for C.J. Stroud’s football career has been significant.

How has Kimberly Stroud handled the challenges of raising her children in the absence of C.J.’s father?

As a single mother, Kimberly Stroud faced the challenges of raising her children, including C.J., without his father present. She provided them with love, care, and support, serving as a strong role model in their lives.

How has Kimberly Stroud’s relationship with C.J. Stroud evolved over the years?

Kimberly Stroud’s relationship with C.J. Stroud has likely deepened over the years as she has been a constant source of support and encouragement in his life and football career.

Final Thoughts

Kimberly Stroud is an amazing mom who played a huge role in CJ Stroud’s football success. As a single mother, she faced challenges but always stood by CJ’s side. Their story is a beautiful example of a strong bond between a mom and her child, showing us the incredible impact a mother’s love can have. Kimberly Stroud’s love and dedication have shaped CJ’s life and football journey, making her a truly special and wonderful mom.


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