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Jeffrey Crawford – Cindy Crawford’s Brother | Know About Him

Jeffrey Crawford – Cindy Crawford’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: April 6, 2024

In the world of glitz and glamour, behind the shining lights, lies the touching story of Cindy Crawford’s brother, Jeffrey Crawford. Even though he lived a short life, Jeffrey’s impact on Cindy and her family was profound. Let’s delve into the life of Jeffrey Crawford and learn more about the beloved brother of the famous supermodel.

Quick Facts about Jeffrey Crawford Details
Full Name Jeffrey Crawford
Birthdate 1964
Died 1967
Husband/Wife Not Married
Education N/A
Age passed away at age 3
Parents John Crawford (father), Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf (mother)
Siblings Cindy Crawford (sister), Chris Crawford (sister), Danielle Crawford (sister)
Children N/A
Net Worth N/A (due to young age)

Early Life

Jeffrey Crawford entered this world in 1964, filling his family’s home with joy and laughter. Born to John Crawford and Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf in DeKalb, Illinois, Jeffrey was the youngest member of the Crawford family. Alongside his two sisters, Chris and Danielle, Jeffrey’s presence added warmth and happiness to their household.

Cindy Crawford with her sister
Cindy with her sister

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Tragic Loss

Sadly, when Jeffrey was just three years old, tragedy befell the Crawford family. After receiving a pediatric leukemia diagnosis, he lost his dear family due to this terrible sickness. Jeffrey’s fight with leukemia ended in sadness despite the efforts made to fight the illness, leaving a vacuum in his family’s hearts.

Remembering Jeffrey

Even though Jeffrey didn’t have a long life on Earth, those who loved him will always remember him. By promoting awareness for institutions like the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross, Cindy Crawford carries on her brother’s legacy. She makes sure that Jeffrey’s experience serves as a reminder of the significance of providing support to individuals afflicted by childhood leukemia through her advocacy activities.

Cindy Crawford's Father John Crawford
Father John Crawford

Family Bonds

Despite the sadness of Jeffrey’s passing, the Crawford family remains united in love and support for one another. Cindy’s parents, John Crawford and Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf, instilled in their children the values of strength, compassion, and resilience.

Cindy Crawford's Mother Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf
Mother Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf


Even though Jeffrey Crawford left this world too soon, his family’s love and memories of him live on. His tale serves as a poignant reminder of both the transience of life and the value of valuing our relationships every day. Cindy Crawford keeps the enduring spirit of her beloved brother Jeffrey with her as she continues to shine in the spotlight.


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