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John Crawford – Cindy Crawford’s Father | Know About Him

John Crawford – Cindy Crawford’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: April 22, 2024

The world has been enthralled by the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford’s beauty and talent. However, her father John Crawford‘s narrative lays at the heart of her success. Let’s examine this man in more detail as he significantly influenced Cindy’s life and profession.

Cindy Crawford's Father John Crawford
John Crawford
Quick Facts About John Crawford Details
Full Name John Crawford
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Electrician
Husband/Wife Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf (née Walker)
Education N/A
Age 80+ (as of 2024)
Parents Not Known
Grandchildren Kaia Jordan GerberPresley Walker Gerber
Children Cindy Crawford, Chris Crawford, Danielle Crawford, Jeffrey Crawford (deceased)
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Background

John Crawford, an electrician by trade, hailed from DeKalb, Illinois. He shared his life with Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf, a bank teller, forming a loving and supportive family unit. Together, they raised Cindy and her siblings, Chris and Danielle.

Cindy Crawford's Mother Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf
Wife Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf

Family Dynamics

Growing up, Cindy’s home was filled with warmth and laughter. Her sisters, Chris and Danielle, added joy and excitement to their daily lives. However, their family also faced heartache when Cindy’s younger brother, Jeffrey, passed away from pediatric leukemia at just three years old.

Personal Traits

John Crawford was known for his hardworking nature and down-to-earth demeanor. As an electrician, he provided for his family with dedication and commitment. His love and support were unwavering, serving as a source of strength for Cindy throughout her life.

Cindy Crawford with her father John Crawford
Cindy with her father John

Relationship with Cindy

While Cindy pursued her dreams in the world of modeling, her father, John, initially struggled to understand her chosen career path. Like any parent, he wanted the best for his daughter and may have had reservations about the unpredictability of the fashion industry.

Family Legacy

Whatever the early miscommunications, John Crawford’s devotion for his daughter remained unwavering. He supported Cindy at every turn as she gained notoriety, standing by her side the entire time. Their relationship acted as a pillar for Cindy’s achievement, serving as a constant reminder to her of the significance of unconditional love and family values.

Cindy Crawford with her sister
Cindy with her sister

Life Beyond Modeling

Outside of Cindy’s spotlight, John led a simple yet fulfilling life. He cherished moments spent with his family, finding joy in the little things. Whether it was sharing meals together or enjoying leisurely walks, John valued quality time with his loved ones above all else.

Legacy and Remembrance

Thanks to Cindy and her family, John Crawford’s legacy continues to this day. His work ethic, devotion, and affection are still an inspiration to everyone who knew him. Even though he isn’t physically present with us anymore, the Crawford family still feels his presence in every laugh, smile, and happy memory they have together.

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FAQs About John Crawford

Who is John Crawford?

John Crawford is the father of Cindy Crawford, the renowned supermodel.

What was John Crawford’s occupation?

John Crawford worked as an electrician.

Where was John Crawford from?

John Crawford hailed from DeKalb, Illinois.

Who was John Crawford married to?

John Crawford was married to Jennifer Sue Crawford-Moluf (née Walker).

Did John Crawford have any children besides Cindy?

Yes, John Crawford had other children besides Cindy, including Chris and Danielle. Unfortunately, their family also experienced the loss of Cindy’s younger brother, Jeffrey, who passed away at the age of three from pediatric leukemia.

What was John Crawford’s relationship with Cindy like?

John Crawford had a loving and supportive relationship with Cindy. While he may have initially struggled to understand her career in modeling, he stood by her side and supported her throughout her journey to success.


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