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Rande Gerber – Cindy Crawford’s Husband | Know About Him

Rande Gerber – Cindy Crawford’s Husband | Know About Him

Last updated on: April 3, 2024

Meet Rande Gerber, the man beside the iconic supermodel, Cindy Crawford. Let’s take a closer look at who he is and what makes him special.

Cindy Crawford's Husband Rande Gerber
Rande Gerber
Quick Facts about Rande Gerber Details
Full Name Rande Gerber
Birthdate April 27, 1962
Occupation Entrepreneur, Former Model
Husband Cindy Crawford (m. 1998-present)
Height 1.85 m
Age 62 years old
Parents Jordan Gerber, Ellen Peckman
Siblings Scott Gerber, Sophie Gerber, Kenny Gerber
Children Presley Walker Gerber (son), Kaia Jordan Gerber (daughter)
Net Worth $400 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Background:

Rande Gerber grew up with dreams as big as the California sky. Born in the bustling city of Los Angeles, he was destined for greatness. With supportive parents by his side, Rande learned the value of hard work and determination from a young age.

Cindy Crawford with her boyfriend Rande Gerber
Cindy with her husband Rande Gerber

Model Turned Entrepreneur:

Rande’s journey began on the catwalks of fashion shows. As a model, he graced the pages of magazines and strutted his stuff on runways worldwide. But Rande had bigger dreams beyond the glamour of modeling. He saw opportunities where others saw none.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Spurred by his spirit of entrepreneurship, Rande entered the business world. He established The Gerber Group, a business that revolutionized American nightlife. Rande transformed pubs and clubs with his acute sense of invention, establishing areas where people could relax and make memories.

Family Man:

However, Rande’s family is his biggest accomplishment. He fell in love with Cindy Crawford, the love of his life, and the two of them created a stunning family. Presley and Kaia, Rande and Cindy’s two children, have inherited their parents’ charm and charisma.

Cindy Crawford family
Cindy Crawford family

Love Story:

The love tale of Rande and Cindy will live on forever. They both came from previous relationships and met by chance. Even in the face of all the odds, their bond was evident. Since their 1998 wedding, they have been a couple forever.

Supportive Partner:

Rande was Cindy’s rock while her career reached new heights. He supported her goals and encouraged her at every turn, being at her side through good times and bad. They’ve ridden out the storms of fame and money together, coming out stronger than ever.

Cindy Crawford with her husband Rande Gerber
Cindy with her husband Rande Gerber

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FAQs About Rande Gerber

Who is Rande Gerber?

Rande Gerber is a prominent entrepreneur, former model, and husband to supermodel Cindy Crawford.

What is Rande Gerber known for?

Rande Gerber is best known for his successful career as an entrepreneur, particularly in the nightlife industry. He is the founder of The Gerber Group, which has revolutionized the bar scene in cities across the United States.

Does Rande Gerber have any children?

Yes, Rande Gerber is a proud father to two children, Presley Walker Gerber and Kaia Jordan Gerber, whom he shares with Cindy Crawford. Both children have followed in their mother’s footsteps and have successful careers in modeling.


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