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Meet Kai Collier : Discover Napheesa Collier’s Brother

Meet Kai Collier : Discover Napheesa Collier’s Brother

Last updated on: June 25, 2024

Kai Collier is an important part of Napheesa Collier’s family. He’s her younger brother and they share a strong bond.

Kai Collier with sister Napheesa Collier
Kai Collier with sister Napheesa Collier
Quick Facts about Kai Collier Details
Full Name Kai Collier
Birthdate 25 Jan 1996
Occupation College football player
Husband/Wife Not Married
Education N/A
Age 28 years and 5 months old
Parents Father: Gamal Collier
Mother: Sarah Collier
Siblings Sisters: Napheesa Collier, Wanza Collier
Children None
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Family and Background

Kai grew up in O’Fallon, Missouri, with Napheesa and their older sister Wanza. Their parents are Gamal Collier, who works as an Investment Analyst, and Sarah Collier. Sarah later remarried to Kelly Bierbaum. Despite their parents being separated, the Collier siblings have always been close and supportive of each other.

Napheesa Collier's family image
Napheesa Collier’s family image

Athletic Pursuits

Kai is passionate about football and is currently pursuing his career as a college football player. He has shown dedication to his sport, much like Napheesa has in basketball.

Personal Life

While Kai leads a relatively private life, his support for Napheesa has been evident. The Collier family has been a pillar of support for Napheesa throughout her basketball career in the WNBA and internationally in the Euroleague Women’s Basketball Super League.

Kai Collier with mother Sarah Collier
Kai Collier with mother Sarah Collier

Sibling Bond

Napheesa, being the eldest sister, has been a role model for Kai and Wanza. Despite their busy lives, they stay connected and cheer each other on in their respective sports and endeavors.

Napheesa Collier's siblings
Napheesa Collier’s siblings

Impact of Family Support

The Collier family’s support has been crucial to Napheesa’s success. From attending her games to celebrating milestones, they have been there every step of the way.

Future Aspirations

Their family continues to be a source of support and inspiration for Kai as he pursues his football career and Napheesa as a basketball player. Their accomplishments are a testament to their mutual support network as well as their unique talents.

Napheesa Collier with her brother Kai Collier
Napheesa with her brother Kai

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FAQs About Kai Collier

Who is Kai Collier?

Kai Collier is the younger brother of Napheesa Collier, a professional basketball player in the WNBA and Euroleague Women.

What does Kai Collier do?

Kai Collier is involved in college football and is pursuing his athletic career in the sport.

Where is Kai Collier from?

Kai Collier, along with Napheesa Collier and their older sister Wanza, grew up in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Who are Kai Collier’s parents?

Kai Collier’s parents are Gamal Collier, an Investment Analyst, and Sarah Collier, who later remarried to Kelly Bierbaum after her separation from Gamal.

How does Kai Collier support Napheesa Collier?

Kai Collier supports Napheesa by being a supportive brother, cheering her on in her basketball career, and maintaining a close bond with her and their family.


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