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Wanza Collier : Discover the Sister of Napheesa Collier

Wanza Collier : Discover the Sister of Napheesa Collier

Last updated on: June 25, 2024

Napheesa Collier, the talented basketball star, has a sister named Wanza Collier. Let’s discover what we know about Wanza.

Napheesa Collier sister Wanza Collier
sister Wanza Collier
Quick Facts about Wanza Collier Details
Full Name Wanza Collier
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Husband name not known
Age 30 (as of 2024)
Parents Gamal Collier (father)
Sarah Collier (mother)
Siblings Napheesa Collier (sister)
Kai Collier (brother)
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Family Background

Wanza Collier is Napheesa’s elder sister. They grew up together in O’Fallon, Missouri, along with their younger brother, Kai Collier. Their father, Gamal Collier, works as an Investment Analyst at Gbonda Collier Investments Group. Their mother, Sarah Collier, is a homemaker who later married Kelly Bierbaum after her separation from Gamal.

Napheesa Collier's family image
Napheesa Collier’s family image

Private Life

Wanza Collier prefers to keep her life private. Unlike her sister Napheesa, who is in the public eye due to her basketball career, Wanza stays out of the spotlight.

Relationship with Napheesa

Despite living privately, Wanza shares a close bond with Napheesa. They have supported each other throughout their lives, especially during Napheesa’s rise in the basketball world. While Napheesa has gained fame for her skills on the court, Wanza has chosen a more private path.

Wanza Collier with sister Napheesa Collier
Wanza Collier with sister Napheesa Collier

Siblings’ Dynamic

Napheesa and Wanza have a younger brother, Kai Collier, who is involved in college football. Kai and Napheesa are close, sharing their athletic talents in different sports. Wanza, as the eldest, likely plays a supportive role in their family dynamic.

Napheesa Collier's siblings
Napheesa Collier’s siblings

Personal Choices

Wanza Collier’s decision to maintain privacy reflects her desire to lead a life away from public attention. While Napheesa excels in basketball and is recognized globally, Wanza values a quieter existence.

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FAQs About Wanza Collier

Who is Wanza Collier?

Wanza Collier is the elder sister of Napheesa Collier, a professional basketball player known for her career in the WNBA and overseas in Turkey’s Women’s Basketball Super League.

Where is Wanza Collier from?

Wanza Collier, like her siblings Napheesa and Kai, hails from O’Fallon, Missouri, where they grew up together.

What is Wanza Collier’s relationship with her siblings?

Wanza Collier shares a close bond with her siblings, Napheesa and Kai. They have supported each other.


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