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Meet Sarah Collier : The Supportive Mother Behind Napheesa Collier’s Success

Meet Sarah Collier : The Supportive Mother Behind Napheesa Collier’s Success

Last updated on: June 25, 2024

Napheesa Collier, a prominent player in the WNBA, is greatly influenced by her mother, Sarah Collier. Now let’s find out more about Sarah’s family.

Napheesa Collier mother Sarah Collier
mother Sarah Collier
Quick Facts about Sarah Collier Details
Full Name Sarah Collier
Birthdate 1970
Occupation Homemaker
Husband/Wife Married to Kelly Bierbaum
Ex-husband: Gamal Collier
Age 54 years and 7 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Kai Collier (son)
Napheesa Collier (daughter), Wanza Collier (daughter)
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Family

Living in O’Fallon, Missouri, is Sarah Collier. In addition to her father, Gamal Collier, and her two siblings, Kai, her younger brother, and Wanza, her older sister, she is the mother of Napheesa Collier.

Sarah Collier with husband Kelly Bierbaum
Sarah Collier with husband Kelly Bierbaum

Career and Personal Life

Sarah Collier’s primary priorities have been her kids’ upbringing and encouragement in their endeavors. She has supported Napheesa all the way through her basketball career, from her time as a top player in the WNBA to her time as a college student at UConn.

Kai Collier with mother Sarah Collier
Kai Collier with mother Sarah Collier

Support and Influence

Sarah’s support has been crucial. She has been there for Napheesa through ups and downs, encouraging her to pursue her dreams in basketball. Sarah’s influence is clear in Napheesa’s dedication and success on the court.

Family Dynamics

Sarah and her husband, Kelly Bierbaum, have provided a stable environment for Napheesa and her siblings. Despite her parents’ separation, Sarah remains a constant presence in Napheesa’s life, offering guidance and love.

Napheesa Collier's family image
Napheesa Collier’s family image

Marriage and Motherhood

In 2022, Napheesa married Alex Bazzell, her basketball trainer. They welcomed their daughter, Mila Bazzell, in the same year. Sarah’s role as a grandmother has added joy to the family’s life, supporting Napheesa in her new roles as wife and mother.

Napheesa Collier's siblings
Napheesa Collier’s siblings

Continued Support

Sarah continues to support Napheesa as she balances her professional basketball career with motherhood.

Napheesa Collier with her mother Sarah Collier
Napheesa with her mother Sarah

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FAQs About Sarah Collier

Who is Sarah Collier?

Sarah Collier is the mother of Napheesa Collier, a prominent WNBA player known for her success with the Minnesota Lynx and Team USA.

Where is Sarah Collier from?

Sarah Collier is from O’Fallon, Missouri.

What is Sarah Collier’s profession?

Sarah Collier is primarily a homemaker and has focused on supporting her family, particularly her daughter Napheesa’s career in basketball.

Who are Sarah Collier’s children?

Sarah Collier has three children: Napheesa Collier, who is a professional basketball player; Kai Collier, her younger son; and Wanza Collier, her elder daughter.

Is Sarah Collier married?

Sarah Collier was previously married to Gamal Collier. They are now separated, and Sarah has since married Kelly Bierbaum.

Does Sarah Collier have grandchildren?

Yes, Sarah Collier is a grandmother to Napheesa’s daughter, Mila Bazzell, born in 2022.


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