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Mason Morfit – Jordana Brewster’s Husband | Know About Him

Mason Morfit – Jordana Brewster’s Husband | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 18, 2024

Jordana Brewster, the famous actress you might have seen in movies like “Fast & Furious,” found her special someone in Mason Morfit. Let’s learn about the man who captured her heart and became her husband.

Jordana with husband Mason Morfit
Jordana with husband Mason Morfit
Quick Facts about Mason Morfit
Full Name Mason Morfit
Birthdate Not Known
Occupation CEO of ValueAct Capital Management
Husband/Wife Married to Jordana Brewster
Education Degree from Princeton University
Age Not Known
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Rowan Brewster-Form, Julian Form-Brewster
Hobbies “Star Wars” fan, Musician (Birdseed band)
Business Expertise Financial Investments, Technology
Privacy Preference Prefers to keep a low profile
Relationship Blend Blending families with Jordana Brewster
Notable Event Married with “Fast & Furious” cars

Who Is Mason Morfit?

Mason Morfit is a guy who is good at business stuff. He’s not a movie star, but he’s super smart in his own way. He’s the boss of a big money company called ValueAct Capital Management. This company handles lots and lots of money – like $16 billion! That’s a lot of zeros!

Meeting Jordana Brewster

Guess what? Mason and Jordana got to know each other and became friends. They started liking each other more than just friends. They decided to spend their lives together. It’s like a real-life love story!

The Big Day

On a special day in 2022, Mason Morfit and Jordana Brewster got married. They had a cool ceremony near the beach. The ceremony was like a party, and it was super fancy. There were even cars from the “Fast & Furious” movies! How cool is that?

Jordana Brewster with her kids
Jordana Brewster with her kids

Mason’s Business World

Mason’s job is to make money grow. He’s the head of his company, which is really good at making smart money moves. They take care of lots of money for many different companies. Some of these companies are all about tech stuff like Microsoft and Adobe.

Fun Hobbies

Mason is not just a money guy. He’s also into fun things. He loves “Star Wars” a lot! Imagine having lightsaber battles with him. He’s also a musician. He plays music in a band called Birdseed. They make rock music that sounds awesome.

Merging Families

Before being with Jordana, Mason had a different family. He was married before and has kids from that time. But when he and Jordana got together, they decided to make one big, happy family. It’s like a puzzle coming together.

Staying Out of the Spotlight

Mason is not like those people you always see in magazines. He likes to keep his life private. He doesn’t share a lot on social media. He’s not into posting all the time. He’s happy being himself, even if he’s married to a famous actress.

A Bit About Jordana Brewster

Now, let’s talk a bit about Jordana Brewster. She was born in Panama City, Panama. Her mom was a swimsuit model, and her dad was a big banker. Jordana has a cool family background!

Love, Marriage, and Family

Jordana was married to Andrew Form before. They had two sons, Julian and Rowan. But things changed, and they decided to be apart. Then Jordana met Mason, and they fell in love. Now, they’re a family with their own special story.

The Blend of Life

Jordana and Mason’s story is like mixing colors on a canvas. They both had past lives, but now they’re painting a new picture together. Mason brings his smarts and love, and Jordana brings her stardom and warmth. It’s a beautiful blend!

Jordana Brewster with husband Mason Morfit

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FAQs About Mason Morfit

Who is Mason Morfit?

Mason Morfit is a businessman and the husband of actress Jordana Brewster. He is known for being the CEO of ValueAct Capital Management, a company that manages a lot of money for different businesses.

How did Mason Morfit and Jordana Brewster meet?

Mason and Jordana got to know each other and became friends. Over time, their friendship turned into love, and they decided to get married.

When did Mason Morfit and Jordana Brewster get married?

Mason Morfit and Jordana Brewster got married on September 3, 2022. They had a special ceremony near the beach, and it was a fancy and fun event.

Does Mason Morfit have children?

Yes, Mason Morfit has children from a previous marriage. When he married Jordana Brewster, they became a big, happy family, blending their lives together.

What is the relationship between Mason Morfit and Jordana Brewster’s previous marriage?

Jordana Brewster was previously married to producer Andrew Form and has two sons with him. After their divorce, she met Mason Morfit, and they fell in love. Now they have their own family story together.

Final Thoughts

Mason Morfit is not a superhero you see in movies, but he’s a real-life hero in his own way. He’s smart, caring, and loves Jordana Brewster a lot. Their journey together is a tale of love, family, and blending two lives into one wonderful adventure.


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