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Who is Michael Fielding? The Enigmatic Brother of Noel Fielding

Who is Michael Fielding? The Enigmatic Brother of Noel Fielding

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

Noel Fielding, the whimsical comedian, has a sidekick in the laughter game – his younger brother, Michael Fielding. Let’s dive into the comedy duo’s world and discover what makes Michael tick.

Michael Fielding
Michael Fielding
Quick Facts About Michael Fielding
Full Name Michael Fielding
Birthdate and Place 23 January 1982
Occupation Comedian, Actor
Husband/Wife Not Known
Age 42 years and 5 months old
Parents Father: Ray Fielding
Mother: Yvonne Fagan
Siblings Brother – Noel Fielding
Height 1.55 m
Net Worth $1.5 Million (as of 2023)

Meet Michael Fielding

Michael isn’t just a regular guy; he’s a comedian and actor. Born to Ray Fielding and Yvonne Fagan, he shares the funny bone with his famous older brother, Noel. Growing up in Pollards Hill, South London, these brothers had laughter as their constant companion.

The Mighty Boosh Connection

Ever heard of “The Mighty Boosh”? If not, it’s time to get acquainted. Michael made a name for himself in the world of comedies by appearing in all three shows with Noel and Julian Barratt. He didn’t just watch; he took part in live shows as Naboo the Enigma and added his funny magic to shows like “The Mighty Boosh Live” and the “Future Sailors Tour.”

Noel Fielding with his father Ray Fielding
Noel with his father Ray

Beyond The Boosh

Michael’s comedic prowess extends beyond “The Mighty Boosh.” He’s not just a one-hit wonder. From stand-up comedy acts to his role in Noel’s 2012 series, “Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy,” Michael proves that laughter is a family affair.

The Fielding Family Dynamic

Noel and Michael’s family isn’t just a backdrop; they’re part of the comedy act. Their father, Ray Fielding, stepped into the limelight with cameos as Chris de Burgh on “The Mighty Boosh.” It seems humor runs in the family genes.

Noel Fielding with his mother Yvonne Fagan
Noel with his mother Yvonne Fagan

Personal Life of the Fieldings

Noel Fielding isn’t just a funny guy on stage; he has a partner in laughter, too. Since 2010, he’s been in a relationship with Lliana Bird. The couple welcomed their daughter, Dali Fielding-Bird, in 2018, and later, Iggy Fielding-Bird joined the family in 2020. Laughter, it seems, is a family affair for the Fieldings both on and off the stage.

The Brotherly Bond

Noel and Michael’s brotherly bond goes beyond the spotlight. They’ve shared the stage, laughter, and even family cameos. It’s not just about comedy; it’s about the genuine connection that adds an extra layer to their professional collaboration.

Noel Fielding with his brother Michael Fielding
Noel with his brother Michael

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The Duo in Action

“The Mighty Boosh” wasn’t just a show; it was a showcase of the Fielding brothers’ chemistry. Michael’s portrayal of Naboo the Enigma added a unique flavor to the comedy mix. Along with family, long-time friend Dave Brown and American comic Rich Fulcher joined them in working together.

More Than Just Laughter

Noel and Michael aren’t just about making people laugh. They’ve created a comedy legacy that blends family, friendship, and a shared passion for humor. It’s not just about the punchlines; it’s about the connection they share, on and off the stage.

FAQs About Michael Fielding

Who is Michael Fielding?

Michael Fielding is a comedian and actor, best known for his role as Naboo the Enigma in the television comedy show “The Mighty Boosh” alongside his brother Noel Fielding.

What is Michael Fielding’s role in “The Mighty Boosh”?

In “The Mighty Boosh,” Michael Fielding played the character Naboo the Enigma. He starred in all three series of the show and participated in live tours, showcasing his comedic talents.

Is Michael Fielding involved in other comedy projects?

Yes, Michael has ventured beyond “The Mighty Boosh.” He has performed stand-up comedy acts and co-starred in Noel Fielding’s 2012 series, “Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy”.

How is Michael Fielding related to Noel Fielding?

Michael Fielding is the younger brother of Noel Fielding. They share a close bond both personally and professionally, often collaborating on comedy projects.

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