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Uncovering the Life of Diane Fielding: Noel Fielding’s Stepmother

Uncovering the Life of Diane Fielding: Noel Fielding’s Stepmother

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

If you’re a fan of the quirky and talented Noel Fielding, you might have heard about his family. While many know about his father and stepmother, there might be some confusion about his mother. Let’s dive into the details and get to know Diane Fielding, who played a significant role in Noel’s life.

Noel Fielding's Mother Diane Fielding
Noel Fielding’s Mother Diane Fielding
Quick Facts about Diane Fielding Details
Full Name Diane Fielding
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband Raymond Fielding
Age 65+ (as of 2023)
Grandchildren Grandson: Iggy Fielding-Bird
Granddaughter: Dali Fielding-Bird
Children Son: Noel Fielding
Son: Michael Fielding
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Years with Diane Fielding

In the 1980s, when Noel was just a teen, his mother, Yvonne Fagan, faced a challenging time due to illness. It was during this period that Diane Fielding, Noel’s stepmother, and his father, Raymond Fielding, stepped up to the plate in parenting. The family faced difficulties, but Diane and Raymond became more involved in caring for the young Noel and his siblings during this trying time.

Noel Fielding's Father Ray Fielding
Noel Fielding’s Father Ray Fielding

A Supportive Figure

Diane’s presence became crucial as Noel’s birth mother battled health issues. Her care and support helped shape Noel’s formative years by giving him safety during a tough time. Even though Noel’s real mother, Yvonne Fagan, died at age 37 in 1990 from complications from liver damage, Diane stayed in Noel’s life and kept things stable.

Noel’s Relationship with His Parents

Noel has often shared glimpses of his upbringing, mentioning that his parents, including Diane, were quite young when they had him. He has a fondness for recalling the “lot of parties” that happened in his early years. It’s evident that despite challenges, the Fielding family, with Diane as an integral part, created a supportive environment for Noel and his siblings.

Noel Fielding with his parents
Noel Fielding with his parents

The Family Dynamic

Diane Fielding, alongside Raymond, brought Noel and his brother Michael up in a dynamic household. The family faced adversity with resilience, and Diane’s role in maintaining a sense of normalcy during difficult times is commendable. The family dynamic played a crucial role in shaping Noel’s character, eventually leading him to become the unique and creative individual we know today.

Noel’s Extended Family

In addition to his parents, Noel has built a family of his own. His partner, Lliana Bird, has been by his side since 2010. In 2018, they had their first child, Dali Fielding-Bird. In 2020, they had their second child, Iggy Fielding-Bird. This big family shows Noel’s life from when he was young and Diane took care of him to when he had his own family.

Noel Fielding with his mother Yvonne Fagan
Michael with his mother Yvonne Fagan

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FAQs About Diane Fielding

Who is Diane Fielding?

Diane Fielding is the stepmother of the well-known comedian and television personality Noel Fielding. She played a significant role in parenting Noel during his teenage years.

How did Diane Fielding become involved in Noel Fielding’s life?

In the 1980s, when Noel’s birth mother, Yvonne Fagan, faced illness, Diane, along with Noel’s father Raymond Fielding, became more involved in parenting to support the family during this challenging time.

What was Diane Fielding’s role during Yvonne Fagan’s illness?

Diane Fielding provided support and stability for Noel and his siblings during his birth mother’s illness in the 1980s, demonstrating resilience and care.

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