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Who is Murray Blum, Judy Sheindlin’s Father?

Who is Murray Blum, Judy Sheindlin’s Father?

Last updated on: June 12, 2024

Murray Blum was the father of Judy Sheindlin, famously known as Judge Judy. He was a dentist by profession and lived in Brooklyn, New York. Judy often talked about her father with great fondness and admiration.

Quick Facts about Murray Blum Details
Full Name Murray Blum
Birthdate 2 February 1917 (Brooklyn, New York, United States)
Occupation Dentist
Location Brooklyn, New York
Spouse Ethel Blum
Died 2 April 1989 (Jupiter, Florida, United States)
Age Died at 72 years
Parents Not Known
Grandchildren Gregory SheindlinJonathan SheindlinJamie HartwrightNicole SheindlinAdam Levy
Children Daughter: Judy Sheindlin
Son: David Blum
Net Worth <$1 million

A Loving Family Man

Murray Blum was a devoted husband and parent in addition to being a dentist. According to Judy, he’s “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Ethel Blum, his spouse, was employed as an office manager.

Judy’s Childhood Memories

Judy had many happy childhood recollections of her father. She talked a lot about his humor and commitment to his career. Judy’s later-life quest of justice may have been influenced by Murray’s work as a dentist.

Murray’s Influence

Murray was Judy’s father and had a big influence on her morals and work ethic. Judy and her siblings may learn from his dedication to his family and his career.

A Blended Family

Judy Sheindlin’s family expanded when she married Jerry Sheindlin, who also had children from a previous marriage. Together, they created a blended family with five children and eventually 13 grandchildren. Murray Blum welcomed Jerry into the family, and they all shared many happy moments together.

Remembering Murray Blum

Murray Blum died before Judy became well-known, but his daughter’s success has preserved his legacy. Judy frequently gives her parents credit for imparting in her the moral principles that have governed her life and work. For those who knew him, Murray’s legacy as a devoted professional and loving father is still an inspiration.

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FAQs About Murray Blum

Who was Murray Blum?

Murray Blum was the father of Judy Sheindlin, famously known as Judge Judy.

Where was Murray Blum from?

Murray Blum lived in Brooklyn, New York, with his family.

What was Murray Blum’s profession?

​Murray Blum was a dentist, dedicated to his practice and his patients.

Who was Murray Blum’s wife?

​Murray Blum’s wife was Ethel Blum, who worked as an office manager.

Did Murray Blum have other children besides Judy Sheindlin?

Yes, Murray Blum had other children besides Judy. However, specific details about them are not widely available.


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