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Nancy Louise Byers : Discover Ben Affleck’s Grandmother’s Story

Nancy Louise Byers : Discover Ben Affleck’s Grandmother’s Story

Last updated on: July 11, 2024

Ben Affleck, a Hollywood actor, has a rich family background that includes Nancy Louise Byers.

Quick Facts About Nancy Louise Byers Details
Full Name Nancy Louise Byers
Birthdate 1924
Occupation Weather girl at WJR Rhode Island TV
Husband Myron Affleck (married in 1942)
Died 1969
Age Died at 45 years
Parents Dorothy Elizabeth McGuire, Allen Dewey Byers
Grandchildren Ben AffleckCasey Affleck
Children Son: Timothy Byers Affleck
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Background

Born in 1924 in Michigan, Nancy Louise Byers grew up during a time of great change in America. She lived through events like the Great Depression and World War II, which shaped her generation.

Career as a Weather Girl

Nancy became known for her beauty and charm, qualities that led her to become a weather girl at WJR Rhode Island TV. This was during the early days of television, when being on TV was still a new and exciting thing.

Ben Affleck father Timothy Byers Affleck
Son Timothy Byers Affleck

Family and Marriage

In 1942, Nancy married Myron Affleck, beginning a new chapter in her life. Together, they started a family and became part of the Affleck family tree.

Role in Ben Affleck’s Life

Nancy Louise Byers was Ben Affleck’s paternal grandmother. She played a significant role in his early life, helping to shape the family traditions and values that Ben grew up with.

Ben Affleck withy brother Casey Affleck
Grandsons Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck

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Legacy and Remembering Nancy

Even though Nancy Louise Byers passed away in 1969, her legacy lives on through her family, including her grandson Ben Affleck.


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