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Raj Arya – Ritu Arya’s Father | Know About Him

Raj Arya – Ritu Arya’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 16, 2024

Ritu Arya, the English actress famous for her roles in “The Umbrella Academy” and “Doctor Who,” comes from a family with a background in the real estate business. In this article, we’ll get to know more about her father, Raj Arya, and his role in her life.

Raj Arya with daughter Ritu Arya
Raj Arya with daughter Ritu Arya
Quick Facts about Raj Arya
Full Name Raj Arya
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Real Estate Investor
Husband/Wife Married to Sunita Arya
Education N/A
Age 70+ (as of 2023)
Children Daughter: Ritu Arya (Actress)
Son: Rahul Arya
Son: Romi Arya
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Ties

Ritu Arya’s parents, Raj Arya and Sunita Arya, both work in real estate, where the family is very close. People know her father, Raj Arya, as an investor in real estate, and her mother, Sunita Arya, also works in the same field. Since Ritu Arya comes from a close family, this probably had a big impact on her life and work.

Ritu Arya with her mother
Ritu with her mother

Siblings in the Mix

Ritu Arya is not alone in her journey through life. She has two brothers, Romi Arya and Rahul Arya, who are an integral part of her life. Having siblings around can bring a lot of support and friendship. In Ritu’s case, they may have been very helpful in her efforts to become a famous actress.

Ritu Arya's Brother Romi Arya
Ritu Arya’s Brother Romi Arya

Raj Arya – The Real Estate Investor

Raj Arya’s role as a real estate investor suggests a keen interest in the real estate market. The specifics of his work in the business are not given, but it is clear that it has helped the family’s finances.

A Proud Father

Raj Arya, like any parent, likely takes pride in his daughter’s achievements. Ritu Arya’s success in the entertainment business, which includes lead parts on popular TV shows, shows how talented and determined she is. Her accomplishments are a credit to her family, and her dad, Raj Arya, must be very proud of her and help her along the way.

Ritu Arya's parents image
Ritu Arya’s parents image

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FAQs About Raj Arya

Who is Raj Arya?

Raj Arya is the father of English actress Ritu Arya. He is known to be a real estate investor.

Is Raj Arya actively involved in the entertainment industry like his daughter?

No, Raj Arya is not known for his involvement in the entertainment industry. His daughter, Ritu Arya, is the one who has gained fame as an actress.

How many children does Raj Arya have?

Raj Arya has three children, including Ritu Arya. She has two brothers, Romi Arya and Rahul Arya.

8. Is Raj Arya married to Ritu Arya’s mother, Sunita Arya?

Yes, Raj Arya is married to Sunita Arya. Both of them are known to be involved in the real estate industry.

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