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Sunita Arya – Ritu Arya’s Mother | Know About Her

Sunita Arya – Ritu Arya’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 17, 2024

If you’re curious about Ritu Arya’s family, you must get to know her mother, Sunita Arya. We’ll tell you all about her in this easy-to-understand article.

Sunita Arya with daughter Ritu Arya
Sunita Arya with daughter Ritu Arya
Quick Facts about Sunita Arya
Full Name N/A
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Real Estate Professional
Husband/Wife Husband: Raj Arya
Education N/A
Age 70+ (as of 2023)
Children Daughter: Ritu Arya
Son: Rahul Arya 
Son: Romi Arya
Net Worth <$1 million

Real Estate Connection

Sunita Arya has a job in real estate, just like Ritu’s dad, Raj Arya. They both work in this field, helping people buy and sell homes.

Ritu Arya's parents image
Ritu Arya’s parents image

Ritu’s Brothers

Ritu Arya is not alone in her family. She has two brothers, Romi and Rahul. They are part of her close-knit family.

Ritu Arya's Brother Romi Arya
Ritu Arya’s Brother Romi Arya

Marriage and Children

You might wonder about Sunita Arya’s family life. Well, she’s not married, and she doesn’t have any children besides Ritu, Romi, and Rahul. They make a lovely family trio.

Sunita and Ritu

Sunita Arya is not just Ritu’s mom; she’s also a part of her support system. Ritu and her mother share a special bond.

Ritu’s Acting Journey

Ritu Arya’s journey into acting began when she was a teenager. She was always passionate about it and worked hard to achieve her dreams.

Background in Real Estate

Both Sunita Arya and Raj Arya, Ritu’s parents, have a background in real estate. This means homes and properties are a big part of their lives.

Ritu’s Siblings

Apart from Ritu, the Arya family includes Romi and Rahul. They’re Ritu’s brothers, and together, they form a close-knit unit.

A Supportive Family

Ritu Arya’s family has been a source of support for her as she pursued her acting career. Their encouragement and love have played a big role in her success.

A Close Relationship

Ritu and her mom, Sunita, share a strong mother-daughter bond. This close relationship has likely helped Ritu on her journey.

Real Estate Investments

Sunita Arya and Raj Arya invest their time and effort in real estate. They help people find the right homes and properties.

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FAQs About Sunita Arya

Who is Sunita Arya?

Sunita Arya is the mother of English actress Ritu Arya.

What does Sunita Arya do for a living?

Sunita Arya works in the real estate industry, just like Ritu’s father, Raj Arya.

How many children does Sunita Arya have?

Sunita Arya has three children, including Ritu Arya. Her other children are Romi and Rahul.

How has Sunita Arya supported Ritu Arya’s acting career?

Sunita Arya has been a source of support and encouragement for Ritu as she pursued her acting career. Her love and guidance have played a significant role in Ritu’s success.

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