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Robert Thurlow – Camilla Thurlow’s Father | Know About Him

Robert Thurlow – Camilla Thurlow’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 18, 2024

The well-known reality television star Camilla Thurlow has won over many people’s hearts with her enchanting demeanor and lovely attitude. However, every extraordinary person is frequently supported and loved by a family who has been there for them along the journey. In Camilla’s instance, Robert Thurlow, her father, is a significant figure in her life. Let’s examine him in more detail and learn more about the man who works behind the scenes.

Camilla Thurlow's Father Robert Thurlow
Father Robert Thurlow
Quick Facts about Robert Thurlow Details
Full Name Robert Thurlow
Date of Birth 1960
Place of Birth Dumfries, Scotland
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Wife: Deborah Thurlow
Age 64 years and 5 months old
Grandchildren Nora Belle Jewitt
Nell Sophia Jewitt
Children Daughter: Camilla Thurlow
Daughter: Connie Thurlow
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Who is Robert Thurlow?

Robert Thurlow is the father of Camilla Thurlow, born on July 9, 1989, in Dumfries, Scotland. He is a significant figure in Camilla’s life, providing support and guidance as she navigates through her journey in the limelight.

Family Ties

Robert Thurlow is a part of Camilla’s closely-knit family, which includes her mother, Deborah Thurlow, her younger sister, Connie Thurlow, and her two adorable daughters, Nell Sophia Jewitt and Nora Belle Jewitt, whom she shares with her partner, Jamie Jewitt.

Camilla Thurlow with her sister Connie Thurlow
Camilla with her sister Connie

An Affluent Background

Hailing from an affluent family, Camilla Thurlow’s upbringing was marked by love, stability, and opportunities. Growing up in Dumfries, Scotland, Camilla was surrounded by the warmth and support of her family, including her father, Robert Thurlow.

Proud Fatherhood

As the father of Camilla Thurlow, Robert Thurlow undoubtedly takes pride in his daughter’s achievements and endeavors. From her early days to her rise to fame, Robert has been a constant source of encouragement and support for Camilla.

Camilla Thurlow's Mother Deborah Thurlow
Wife Deborah Thurlow

Behind the Scenes

While Camilla Thurlow often takes center stage with her appearances on reality television shows like Love Island, her father, Robert Thurlow, prefers to stay out of the spotlight. However, his presence and influence in Camilla’s life are undeniable, shaping her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Supporting Camilla’s Journey

Throughout Camilla’s journey in the public eye, Robert Thurlow has been there every step of the way, offering unwavering support and encouragement. Whether it’s cheering her on from the sidelines or providing a listening ear during challenging times, Robert’s role as a supportive father is invaluable to Camilla.

A Private Figure

While Camilla Thurlow often shares glimpses of her life with her fans on social media, her father, Robert Thurlow, maintains a more private presence. Despite this, his love and support for Camilla shine through in the moments they share together.

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FAQs About Robert Thurlow

Who is Robert Thurlow?

Camilla Thurlow, a well-known reality television personality, is the daughter of Robert Thurlow.

How many children does Robert Thurlow have?

Robert Thurlow has at least two children, including Camilla Thurlow and her younger sister, Connie Thurlow.


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