Home News BTS’s SUGA and Halsey Summon Hell in Epic Collaboration for ‘Diablo IV’ Anthem ‘Lilith’

BTS’s SUGA and Halsey Summon Hell in Epic Collaboration for ‘Diablo IV’ Anthem ‘Lilith’

BTS’s SUGA and Halsey Summon Hell in Epic Collaboration for ‘Diablo IV’ Anthem ‘Lilith’
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Get ready for an incredible musical collaboration that will blow your mind! The talented South Korean group BTS’s SUGA and the American singer Halsey have joined forces once again, this time for a thrilling music video called “Lilith.” This captivating video serves as the anthem for the highly anticipated video game “Diablo IV,” developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Let’s dive into the exciting details of this extraordinary collaboration!

BTS’s SUGA and Halsey’s Third Powerful Collaboration

In this latest project, SUGA and Halsey showcase their musical chemistry once again. This collaboration marks their third time working together, following their previous successful collaborations on “SUGA’s Interlude” from Halsey’s 2020 album “Manic” and the global hit song “Boy With Luv” by BTS in 2019.

Unleashing the Anthem for ‘Diablo IV’

“Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)” is a powerful song that captures the essence of the highly anticipated video game “Diablo IV.” The track is named after the main antagonist of the game, adding an exciting and immersive element to the collaboration.

Summoning Hell in the Music Video

The music video for “Lilith” takes viewers on a dark and moody journey, directed by the talented Henry Hobson. Shot inside the mystical Chapelle des J├ęsuites (Jesuits’ Chapel) in Cambrai, the video perfectly complements the eerie atmosphere of the game. SUGA and Halsey’s intense performances bring the song to life, as they embody the powerful characters from the “Diablo” universe. Prepare to be captivated as they summon hell in this epic collaboration.

Celebrating the Launch of ‘Diablo IV’

The release of “Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)” and its accompanying music video marks a momentous occasion for the launch of “Diablo IV” on various platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox, and PC. This collaboration not only celebrates the game’s release but also brings together the immense talents of SUGA and Halsey, creating a thrilling experience for both fans of the artists and gamers alike.

The Anticipation and Excitement

Fans around the world have been eagerly awaiting this collaboration between SUGA and Halsey, and it has been the talk of the town in the K-pop community. The announcement of their collaboration for “Diablo IV” has generated immense excitement, with fans excited to witness their favorite artists unite once again in this epic music video.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between BTS’s SUGA and Halsey for the “Diablo IV” anthem “Lilith” is a truly momentous event. The music video’s dark and captivating visuals, combined with their powerful performances, make it an unforgettable experience. As fans anticipate the release of “Diablo IV” on various gaming platforms, the music video for “Lilith” adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation. Get ready to be enthralled by this extraordinary collaboration between two incredible artists.


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