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Charlotte Hornets Players Salary and Net Worth [2023]

Charlotte Hornets Players Salary and Net Worth [2023]

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of the Charlotte Hornets! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the talented players who make up this renowned NBA team. You’ll discover their skills, contributions, and achievements on the basketball court. But that’s not all – we’ll also reveal their salaries and net worth, giving you a glimpse into the financial side of their success.

Whether you’re a fan of the Hornets or simply interested in sports and finance, this post has something for everyone. So, let’s explore the impressive roster of the Charlotte Hornets and uncover the fascinating world of their salaries and net worth!




LaMelo Ball (G) $ 10,900,635 $ 14.4 million
James Bouknight (G) $ 4,570,080 $ 4.8 million
Gordon Hayward (GF) $ 31,500,000 $ 142.2 million
Kai Jones (PF) $ 3,047,880 $ 3 million
Theo Maledon (PG) $ 2,061,266 $ 3 million
Cody Martin (F) $ 7,560,000 $ 6.6 million
Bryce McGowens (GF) $ 1,719,864 $ 0.6 million
Svi Mykhailiuk (SF) $ 1,989,698 $ 6 million
Kelly Oubre, Jr. (SF) $ 16,380,000 $ 37.2 million
Nick Richards (C) $ 5,000,000 $ 2.4 million
Terry Rozier (G) $ 23,205,221 $ 51 million
Kobi Simmons (PG) $ 2,066,585 $ 66 million
Dennis Smith (PG) $ 1,989,698 $ 12 million
Xavier Sneed (SF) $ 2,156,156. $ 88.8 million
J.T. Thor (PF) $ 1,836,096 $ 1.2 million
P.J. Washington (PF) $ 17,425,306 $ 10.2 million
Mark Williams (C) $ 3,908,160 $ 1.8 million


LaMelo Ball, a dynamic guard, makes a very good $10,900,635 a year. Ball is still young, but he is already worth $14.4 million, which shows how well his career is going. Guard James Bouknight is also a rising star for the Hornets. Because of his skills, he makes $4,570,080 a year. Both on and off the court, Bouknight is making a name for himself. His total assets are worth $4.8 million.

Gordon Hayward is a strong player who stands out among the team’s veterans. Hayward’s salary as a forward is $31,500,000, which makes him one of the best-paid Hornets players. Hayward’s huge net worth of $142.2 million shows how successful his career has been and how well he has done in other areas of business.

It’s not just the star players who make a difference. Cody Martin, a forward who makes $7,560,000 a year and has a net worth of $6.6 million, is a good example of a supporting actor who uses his skills to make money for himself. Kelly Oubre, Jr. is a small forward with a net worth of $37.2 million and a salary of $16,380,000. He makes a good living because of this.

Final Thoughts

Charlotte Hornets are a team filled with talented players who bring their skills and passion to the basketball court. This blog post has provided a glimpse into their salaries and net worth, revealing the financial success that accompanies their dedication and hard work. From rising stars like LaMelo Ball and James Bouknight to seasoned veterans like Gordon Hayward, each player contributes to the team’s success in their own unique way.

Whether you’re a fan of the Hornets or simply intrigued by the intersection of sports and finance, this article offers something for everyone. It highlights the remarkable talents of the Charlotte Hornets players while shedding light on the financial rewards they have achieved. The figures provided give us a glimpse into the fascinating world of their salaries and net worth.

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